Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

I love you Almira Alhassan Alayoubi.

  • Sceptic:

  • I am a sceptic. I don't believe in taking supplements will make you healthier. Especially all these manjakani lah, etc. etc. Aber I am consuming oils at the moment =(
  • Und I also don't believe in urut-urut badan kaki tangan kepala segala will heal you and buat you pregnant kalau tak dapat pregnant.
  • The only pill and oil I take every morning are Folic Acid, Evening Primrose Oil und Habbatus Sauda Oil. As prescribed by myself und husband. hahahaha =D
  • Many recommended me to consume Folic Acid 3 months before pregnant. Evening Primrose Oil is good at treating Eczema aber words have been spreading that it is used to relieve PMS symptoms and some arthritis-related conditions. 

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  • As for Habbatus Sauda, I don't consume it every morning now. Twice to thrice a week is sufficient. 
  • I will surely stop consuming Folic Acid und Evening Primrose Oil soon aber I will continue taking Habbatus Sauda. I have a strong believe; everything that our prophet Muhammad s.a.w. said is always true. He reckoned that we consume Habbatus Sauda und other 6-7 food.

Keturunan serious. My father und I are morning people. What about you?
Juaini Johan is also so serious und concentrates whenever she is behind her desk.
Her husband hates it when Juaini Johan doesn't respond to him whenever he says something while she's doing her work.
But once she's out of her office, she's a clown! =D

Be story by Aisyah R.A, she hear Rasulullah S.A.W said: “Truthfully Al-Habbatus Sauda’ can cure all diseases except Al-Sam”. I asked. “What is Al-Sam? he answer, “Al-Sam is death”
History by Imam Bukhari.

From Buraidah, Rasulullah S.A.W said: “At Habbatus Sauda’ a remedy for all diseases except death”. History by Abu Nu’aim in Book of Al-Tibb in assembly hadith sahih no. 1819.

From Abu Hurairah, he heard Rasulullah saw said:“At Habbatus Sauda’ there is a cure for all diseases except Al-Sam namely death”. History by  Bukhari (10:118-119) ; Muslim (7:25) ; Ibnu Majah (2:342) ; Tarmizi (2:3 at Month Edition) ; and Ahmad (2:241) through history Sufyan bin ‘Uyainah from Al-Zuhri and Abu Salamah.

Ambi Pur pun ada ;) We have changed to Glade. 
  • Ada pula yang sceptical about online shopping, traditional medicine, mitigating climate change, und etc.
  • I once spoke to a lady who said this to me, "We don't do online shopping. We don't trust the sellers."   Saying that right to my face was something I didn't expect she would do aber I didn't take it hardly since both my husband und I know how her behaviour is like. 
  • Und another thing is, it is difficult to convince a sceptic to accept something that he/she has no believe in. It is like convincing a sciencetologist that there is Allah s.w.t.
  • If you do not know how to spot a sceptic, start a conversation about a distinct issue with someone. If he/she always expresses negative comments und makes negative remarks on the topic you bring up, most likely he/she is sceptical to that particular issue. 
  • The main thing is, if we stumbled upon a sceptic, do not show how uncomfortable we are with him/her. Nak nak yang cara cakap tu irritating sangat. Kita keep cool je and senyum je alright ;)
  • Takut nanti jadi gaduh. Dua-dua tidak sabar and masing-masing nak paksa each other terima opinions masing-masing. 
  • Bikin Ribut!
Bought these little fruit tarts from my friend.
If you would like to purchase these tarts, contact me.
I'll then direct you to her. 
Mama's PA came to our home to deliver this.
How thoughtful he is. =)


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