She Didn't Ruin My Day

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

I had to go first. This was taken last year. A unique ceremony.

Syahmi and I had to do this in order to show respect.
Just another culture in another place.

Day 1
When I just received a pack of coconut jelly from Syahmi, came a lady relative of Syahmi and said:
Lady Relative: Makan cepat-cepat bila sejuk. Nanti cepat dapat anak.
Ayla: (what??)
Syahmi: (unable to say a word)

Day 2
I did not have the chance to meet Lady Relative as we were seated at different tables. Aber at night, we did meet but she was too busy chit chatting with other relatives. Alhamdulillah.

Day 3
I was alone, walking out from the prayer room to join Syahmi when she came and grabbed me by my shoulder and started to rub her palm on my belly.
Ayla: (what on earth are you doing lady???! Harassment nih!) 
Lady Relative: Kau dah ada isi belum?
Ayla: Ermm.. belum.
By now her hands were off me since I quickly turned around to face her:
Lady Relative: Kau kena pergi urut. Betulkan perut baru boleh mengandung.
Ayla: Ermm..tak. ermm. Syahmi pun kena urut?
Lady Relative: Syamin (I repeat, Syamin) tak payah. Dia lelaki. 
Ayla: (you are so uneducated und not Islamic. For saying such nonsense und humiliating me in front of others.)
  • Of course, the words in brackets were not heard by Lady Relative or anyone else. Benda yang terjadi dalam movie, jadi dekat I.
  • Urut perut? Salah perempuan? Allahuakbar.
  • Pregnant has got nothing to do with perut. A baby develops in his/her mother's womb. Not stomach. Haiyo.
  • Just in case you are wondering, Syahmi and I are well alhamdulillah. 
  • It is just that Allah s.w.t. still has not given us the green light. 
Ayla Johan entering her kampung house. Kidding!
My mom was never a kampung lady. She was raised in a city, close to Istana Johor Bharu.
Aber my dad used to be a kampung boy. Main sungai lastik-lastik segala. Comel =p
Alhamdulillah both of them are wise people. They never once forced me to quickly bear a child.
I guess, no matter where we came from, we just need to travel, open up our hearts and minds to
learn positive things from others.  

  • I have no more words to describe. I bet you readers are wise enough to figure out yourselves. 
  • Please take the positive bit only. 
  • Und DO NOT turn into Lady Relative 2, 3, 4 or so on. 
  • Das ist nicht gut!
Even book Authors pun terapkan perbedaan kampung dan bandar.
If not kenapa title Diva Kampung? Kenapa tak Diva Malaysia?
I have friends who live in Kampung. I hope they are not closed minded as Lady Relative is.
So far, they are not. Alhamdulillah =)

She didn't ruin my day.
I just pity her.
I am not in stress.
Syahmi is not too.
Alhamdulillah. =)


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