Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Allahuma yassir wallatu'asir.
  •  Mama arrived home from Jakarta at 0015 hrs last night. Und today, she will be leaving for Bandung before 1700 hrs. 
  • Fuhh. May Allah s.w.t. gives you the strength that you need. 
  • Yeah, mama is now helping Chevron to provide top notch roads for their employees. Indonesia has poor structured federal roads. 
  • Mama said, when you see streaming of motorcyclists coming towards (opposing) you in your own lane, then you know that the problem is definitely beyond engineering works.
  • But still, engineering works could help to reduce the aftermath severity if a road collision happens.
  • What ever it is, I believe that prevention is better than cure. ;-)
  • I know that most of us are tired of driving in ridiculously bad traffic. Somehow it takes about 70% of our energy. 
  • Then we'll be all grumpy when we arrive home. I truly understand why most of us refuse to take public transports to work.
  • Like myself, I always compare our public transports with what I used to take back in England. Ya, jauh panggang dari api. (Is that the right proverb? hehe)
  • Ayla Johan used to go to the Birmingham City Centre with her other two friends at the age of 10. Tapi bila in Malaysia, nak jalan kaki pergi Summit at the age of 14 pun susah mama nak bagi. Haha.
  • Yep, mama was so used to Birmingham bus services that dia yakin anak dia akan selamat sampai Disney Store in the city. hahaha =D
  • (ok at 10 year-old tak ada nya I faham pasal boycott segala. hehe) 
  • Aber fret no more. Cewah. Oh ok ok masih boleh fret sebab belum siap pun. =D KTM dah nak start reduce 10minutes of the waiting time. Katanya nak guna train baru made in China if I'm not mistaken. Und MRT projects segala which will increase the number of "choo choo train" in Klang Valley. 
  • Still tak ok?
  • Then sila lah car pool :-)


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