Death Of The Disbeliever

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.
Oh my Ustazah rock!
I was just like Almira when I was young. My brother would made comments to my mom such as,
"Ma adik panjat. Ma adik kangkang kangkang." oder "Adik guna 'Aku' dengan kawan dia".
Pergh! Reporter betul Mr. Josey time school dulu. I only used the word "Aku" once oder twice!
That was back in the year 1996/97. Now you know why I don't feel comfortable using "Aku Kau". =)

  • I have this one book entitled "What Do Muslims Believe" by Abu A'mmar. The publisher is The Islamic Information Centre, Bristol. I must have gotten the book from an Islamic fair in Southampton Uni. 
  • The content is short more of like a quick guide book. I would like to share what Abu A'mmar wrote about the Death of The Disbeliever. 
Ustazah singing? "Lalalalaala" No.
She was just too excited to be wearing a hijab.
I put the hijab on for her as she repeatedly asked kak Wati,
"Mana tekung Iya tatak wati?" (tekung as in telekung.)

     Death of The Disbeliever
     When a non-believer is close to death, Izraeel and thousands of other angels come in a terrifying state. They will bring clothes from Hell and foul smells from Hell. Angel Izraeel will approach the disbeliever and say, "Oh corrupt soul! Come out. Allah is angry with you." The soul will leave the body with great difficulty and will be dressed in the clothes from hell and the foul smells of Hell will be put on him. As the soul is taken to the sky, it is cursed by the angels as it travels. When the Angels knock on the door of the first sky, the Angel inside replies, "Throw him down in sijjin'." Sijjin is a place under the lowest earth where the souls of all the disbelievers visit. In it, the souls who are already there cannot talk, because of the suffering that they are in. The soul is taken back to his body at the time of burial and the person is asked the three questions by Munkar and Nakir in the same way.

    The first thing that us asked is, "Who is your Lord?" The person replies, "I do not know." Then they ask, "What is your religion?" The disbeliever will reply, "I do not know." Then the person will be asked, "What did you used to say about this man?" Then the disbelieving person will reply, " I do not know."

    A voice will be heard: "He is a liar! Clothe him with garments of fire, make a bed for him in Hell and open a window to Hell for him." The grave tightens to such extent that the ribs of one side cross over with the ribs of the other side, also 99 snakes and scorpions will bibe at the disbeliever constantly. The disbeliever will be punished severely in the grave to such an extent that everything from East to West will be able to hear his scream of pain except Mankind and Jinns. This is because he did not believe in Allah s.w.t. nor did he do anything good.

    Then an ugly looking man with a foul smell will come wearing foul garments saying, "Be saddened. This is the day that Allah s.w.t. has promised you. You will suffer in pain and agony until the Day of Judgement." The disbeliever will ask, "Who are you?" The man will reply, "I am your bad deeds."

    When the questioning is done, the soul returns to Sijjin where they will ETERNALLY be receiving punishment.

    • Astagfirullah. 
    • Lets together have faith in Allah s.w.t. If we have problems, turn to Allah. If we are happy with our lives, thank Allah. If we are sad, pray to Allah for happiness, und etc. 
    • Be gut und do gut. 
    • For that we'll receive und taste magnificent fruits, inshaAllah :)
    One of the first few handbags that were available on The Sale.

    Oh Allah, my day started with :( instead of a :)
    I believe that you'll make my day better.


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