Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

  • I'm sure that all of us have something that we like the most ie. favourite(s). It can be a piece of cloth oder a mug. Just about Anything! 
  • One of my favorite things is the hijab I wore during my graduation as in the photo below:
Yes, I'm not the type who would spend on new clothing for special events.
I just wear what I have in my wardrobe ;-)
Since I wore jeans und other pants to class so I decided to
wear a plain baju kurung together with one of my favorite hijabs.
Yes, the hijab that I pakai pergi groceries shopping und lectures =D
  • Honestly, I didn't remember where do I get that piece of hijab from. Not until yesterday when I decided to browse our old family photos. I stumbled upon this:
Mama wearing the same hijab years before.
Pic taken in Budapest (oder Prague) during her work visit.

  • Oh now I remember, I cilok mama punya. haha. 
  • I reckon that my hijab is a "Vintage" one eyh =) 
Have a fantastic Friday all!

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