I Think Too Much

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Amir Albanna got bullied by yours truly.
Almira Alhassan Alayoubi then joined me, putting more toys in the basket und on top of Amir =D

  • Have you ever heard of Hadith Arbain? Referring to the small booklet that I have, Hadith number 24 is about Haram Kezaliman. 
Terjemah hadits :
Dari Abu Dzar Al Ghifari r.a, dari Rasulullah S.A.W sebagaimana beliau riwayatkan dari Rabbnya Azza Wajalla bahwa Dia berfirman [1]: Wahai hambaku, sesungguhya aku telah mengharamkan kezaliman atas diri-Ku dan Aku telah menetapkan haramnya (kezaliman itu) diantara kalian, maka janganlah kalian saling berlaku zalim. Wahai hambaku semua kalian adalah sesat kecuali siapa yang Aku beri hidayah, maka mintalah hidayah kepada-Ku niscaya Aku akan memberikan kalian hidayah. Wahai hambaku, kalian semuanya kelaparan kecuali siapa yang aku berikan kepadanya makanan, maka mintalah makan kepada-Ku niscaya Aku berikan kalian makanan. Wahai hamba-Ku, kalian semuanya telanjang kecuali siapa yang aku berikan kepadanya pakaian, maka mintalah pakaian kepada-Ku niscaya Aku berikan kalian pakaian. Wahai hamba-Ku kalian semuanya melakukan kesalahan pada malam dan siang hari dan Aku mengampuni dosa semuanya, maka mintalah ampun kepada-Ku niscaya akan Aku ampuni. Wahai hamba-Ku sesungguhnya tidak ada kemudharatan yang dapat kalian lakukan kepada-Ku sebagaimana tidak ada kemanfaatan yang kalian berikan kepada-Ku. Wahai hambaku seandainya sejak orang pertama diantara kalian sampai orang terakhir, dari kalangan manusia dan jin semuanya berada dalam keadaan paling bertakwa diantara kamu, niscaya hal tersebut tidak menambah kerajaan-Ku sedikitpun . Wahai hamba-Ku seandainya sejak orang pertama diantara kalian sampai orang terakhir, dari golongan manusia dan jin diantara kalian, semuanya seperti orang yang paling durhaka diantara kalian, niscaya hal itu tidak mengurangi kerajaan-Ku sedikitpun juga. Wahai hamba-Ku, seandainya sejak orang pertama diantara kalian sampai orang terakhir semunya berdiri di sebuah bukit lalu kalian meminta kepada-Ku, lalu setiap orang yang meminta Aku penuhi, niscaya hal itu tidak mengurangi apa yang ada pada-Ku kecuali bagaikan sebuah jarum yang dicelupkan di tengah lautan. Wahai hamba-Ku, sesungguhnya semua perbuatan kalian akan diperhitungkan untuk kalian kemudian diberikan balasannya, siapa yang banyak mendapatkan kebaikaan maka hendaklah dia bersyukur kepada Allah dan siapa yang menemukan selain (kebaikan) itu janganlah ada yang dicela kecuali dirinya.
 (Riwayat Muslim)
  •  We need to ask for Hidayah. We need to ask for patience. We need to ask for strength. Allah knows what we need aber we still need to ask from Him. 
Sound asleep on the most comfortable bed in the world.
Of course mine! =D

  • I had issues with online banking since days ago. With a short time frame given, I tried to transfer $ from one account to another. Thought that everything will turn out fine. Aber I was wrong. After all the "Bismillah", I am still unable to complete a supposedly simple task today. 
  • I was quite angry plus having a husband who asked questions aber sounded like making statements, I was on fire.
  • The problem is, I failed to control my anger hence I deliberately changed the tone of my voice to somewhat deeper und strict. At the same time, I wished my husband could understand how stressful it was, dealing with ludicrous online "bugs" etc und to expect less of my capability dealing with banks online. 
  • Again, I have no intention to do so aber it happened! After months of victory, today Syaitan wins. Am I back to square one? I really need to ask for more patience from Allah. I don't want to be zalim as I despise those who are zalim.
  • To husband, thank you for not blebel. But I do hope that you understand. I have pending payments, pending postage, pending entries, plus house chores to mend with. Not forgetting the state of our room, the tidiness which only lasted for less than 24hours. I am indeed upset.
  • It would be lovely if you could lend me a hand, everyday. After all, we don't want to be zalim to each other right?

Playing with uncle Syahmi. Thank you Amir for being so energetic.
You managed to bully your uncle Syahmi since he had to run here and there to catch you eating dirts.
  • Amir Albanna will turn one on this coming 13th April. Another 4 days to go aber we already held a party for him on last Saturday night :) The most excited person was Almira Alhassan Alayoubi since she totaly recognized the birthday cake her Tok Mama bought for Amir.
  • We had dinner together at Tok Mama's without Tok Abah und Nenek. I guess they were too tired to come since they had just arrived home from a shopping trip. (Berbondong bondong bag shoppingnya =p )
  • Opps I almost forgot, Uncle Azeem was not here with us during the celebration too! =D A conversation between yours truly, Syahmi und Almira:
    Ayla: Almira rindu Uncle Ajim tak?
    Almira: Rindu. Uncle Ajim dekat mana?
    Syahmi: Uncle Ajim dekat Aus-tra-lia. Cuba Almira sebut, Aus-tra-lia.
    Almira: . . .

  • There were times when I asked Almira on where her Uncle Ajim is, she would reply, "Airport naik airplane." Sorry mate, she still doesn't know how to pronounce Australia. She will soon. inshaAllah ;)
  • Alright, below are a few photos especially for Ajeemmm.

    Amir Albanna's birthday cake.
    Time I dulu tak ada punya my parents nak beli cake canggini.
    Haha. Almira likes the pink cream. She said, "Iya nak makan pink ok?"
    The one who has been so patient with me. How is he at the office? Anyone?
    A couple of times our friends came to me and asked, "Syahmi memang garang ke at home?"
    Und I went, "What??! Tak pernah garangggg langsung." I am indeed surprised.
    Perhaps his wife is so baik that he has got no reasons to be garang. No? Hahaha. Ok angkat bakul pergi pasar. Bye! =p
    The camera shy Almira Alhassan Alayoubi.
    Amir went like, "What dher? Why is this fat bird staring at me?"

    Tok Abah got you this OshKosh denim jacket for your brithday while Almira a chic black dress.
    Bestnya tak Birthday pun dapat.
    The busiest engineer ever. He even said, "5minutes, 5 minutes" before we
    started singing for Amir. Hadoyh.

    Happy Birthday Amir Albanna! We love you.
    "Alright. Party is over. Lets clean up!"

    I am happy now even though behind schedule.
    Alhamdulillah =)


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