Iqra' Ya Habibi

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.
  • Mama came home early yesterday und invited me to visit her grandchildren. So I did accompany her und alhamdulillah we managed to have a solid hour und a half with the two kids. After all the excitement of greeting each other, Almira settled in front of the entertaining tube to watch one of her favourite cartoons, CatDog. 
  • After done watching cartoon und eating banana fritters, Almira und I read a book together while Amir und his Tok Mama played with his toys. Below are videos of the activities we had yesterday. Almira started to learn spelling since a year old aber she managed to spell all by herself when she was about 2 years und 10 months.  

  • In the video above, after one round of reading the book she got distracted by Amir playing with Tok Mama. So she decided to stop reading und join the other two instead. Well at least she managed to finish one whole book. That is always better than nothing :)
  • On the other hand, Amir who just turned one is still interested in looking at pictures und photos. InshaAllah he will be able to spell soon. I don't know how but I guess my sister in law has a routine of teaching her kids to read und spell every night before they go to bed.
  • After Almira und Amir done reading, we went out for a physical activity. Main bola! while Amir roamed around in his little green spaceship. Hehe.

  • It is true that kids do absorb stuffs quickly compared to us, adults.
  • Aber there are parents who still think that their baby kids know nothing und do not understand a word.
  • To those of you who run nurseries, I reckon that you monitor your staffs. Especially those who cook, feed und bathe the kids. 
  • Back in the year 2006, I was attached to a nursery in Oobang for community work. I observed the lady who fed toddlers und found out that she used the same eating spoon to feed 3 to 4 toddlers. There were only 1- 2 kids who had their own spoons und mugs. So I asked the lady "Kenapa yang dua ni pakai sudu lain? Kenapa yang lain tak?" She then replied, "Sebab yang dua tu mak dia suruh guna sudu asing. Tak boleh campur."
  • To me it is a common sense to not use the same spoon! Why wait for the parents to tell? 
  • What about milk bottles? Do the kids share between them?
  • God knows.
  • Definitely no nursery for Amir Albanna, Almira Alhassan Alayoubi und my future kids :)
Stop main bola sebab . . .
Apalah kakak takut millepede thus sembunyi tepi adik =D

It is definitely our responsibility to care for our kids. 
We may ask others to help but not to pass the whole lot to them. 
Lets together be more responsible.


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