It Is About Making Choices

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.
  • Hope you are well. Alhamdulillah, the seminar of Love Being A Mother went very well despite the lack of time to execute all activities und a tiny technical errors. Danke und merci to all participants und Lovely Life community. InshaAllah our next event will be big und better =) God knows. 
Penjaga a box of tissue itulah saya =) sitting next to my sahabat, Nurin Mazaya.
What a beautiful name. Oh and I guess, I'm the only lady without any kids.
The others are moms with at least a child.
To kak Mar and kak Nurin, these were the food und drinks Lovely Life bought from Mydin for the kids except for small bottled water. Hehe. You ladies didn't get to visit the nursery right?
Katanya kids makan cereal without milk sebab tak ada spoon. hehe. Spoons pula ada but ada di seminar hall instead. =D

  • Ustazah Noraslina Jusin (wife of Ustaz Zaharuddin) was superb in sharing the words of Allah s.w.t. und her experience dealing with her children. She is indeed a soft spoken lady und a very understanding mom to her children. An hour session with her was too short for me. She is no different than us, facing obstacles in life as a mother. She did highlight that women do inject conflicts in themselves und worry too much. Yeah she has a point there, I do worry too much. Literally, too much =D
  • Then after lunch came Pn. Mazlina Karim (the mother of Darwish und Darwisya) to our seminar. Such a pleasant lady with a beautiful smile. She spent about 30 minutes sharing the method she's using to make sure that all of her children are able to recite und memorize the whole Al-Quran at a very young age. One of my sahabat(s) did attend Pn. Lina's course und she said that the methods do work aber parents need to be consistent. It makes sense though since a kid needs to be monitored all the time. 
  • Other than listening to talks und participating in activities in the hall, there were small stalls selling Islamic parenting books from Indonesia, children books, toys, kids' praying mat, bracelets und Clarks shoes too! I was reluctant to set up The Sale booth during the event aber my sahabat, Nurin Mazaya convinced me to bring Clarks shoes. So I did und alhamdulillah we managed to sell a few pairs of shoes. Thank you to the customers =)
Husband hiding while the rest of the sellers hilang =D
The guy who has been behind my back since the year 2009.
Danke und schon love.

  • Speaking of that, yesterday, for the first time The Sale accepts payment in dirham! Who have thought hey~ =D One of the customers was soo NOT picky. She saw a pair of Clarks, she tried it on und immediately said, "Akak ambil yang ini ya =)" All within 5 minutes I would say. Her husband was so supportive und asked us whether we accept payment in dirham. Since we had no experience before, so I told Syahmi (my loyal salesman during the event. Thank you darling.) to only accept 2 dirham und the rest in cash. The couple was so cool und alhamdulillah transaction went well! 
  • There are 2 reasons on why I only accepted 2 dirham as a first timer yesterday:
  1. I get to keep 1 for myself und 1 as upah for Syahmi ;)
  2. I don't know how to use the dirham myself =p
  • Aber hey! Experience matters most.
Our 2 silver =)
Current, 1 dirham is equivalent to RM25.
Refer to Dinar Kelantan.
  • I asked Syahmi about 2 days ago on how am I going to know whether I'm making the right choices in life? There are so many roads for me to choose to reach the same ending. He said, "Only Allah s.w.t. knows."
  • Aber I still insisted to know on how do I know. Again he said, "Only Allah s.w.t. knows."
  • Then only I understood ;) 
My name is Juaini.
And it is written on a sticker on my hijab =)

It is easy to change aber it is difficult to be consistent.
One of the ways is to pray to Allah for consistency. 
Lets together do that alright ;)
Have a great week all. 


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