Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Syahmi reciting surah und making Dua' while I was resting/taking a short nap.
Both of us were tested by Allah s.w.t. during the climb.
-A tiny surau at the peak of Bukit Thursina-
We were the last couple to reach the main station.
I was quite negative on our way up, "B I can't..tak bole tak bole tak bole."
Aber Syahmi patiently replied, "Can. Bole. Every 5 or 10 steps we sit down alright."
So we did. We ended up perfoming Solah Subuh while sitting in between rocks at one of the steepest areas.
After returning home from Egypt, one of my best sahabats sent me this.
Aber I know that she still loves me even though I am still not yet a mother =)
  • I now know that it is not easy to be a great wife. Aber I hope that my husband realizes how I am struggling to be one. Even though he never complains aber I still don't feel that I'm doing good enough. 
  • Oh Allah, I still need more time to be better. I don't want to end up having regrets.
  • Aber thank you Allah s.w.t. und all (family und friends).
  • For your Dua'/Doa have helped me to improve. 
  • Yes, my room is now super clean =)
  • Right mama? hehe (yes I spent almost 7 hours cleaning up my kamar beradu..fuh~)
Yayang, please don't stop praying und making Dua' for the both of us.
ich liebe dich.
( ya yang disebelah tu mama saya yang workaholic. cepat pencen please =p )

To those who have been supporting The Sale,
I thank you all very much. Jazakumullah Khayr.
Despite negative comments made by some people,
InshaAllah  I will continue managing The Sale.
Unless Syahmi decides to leave Malaysia for other country und take me with him...


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