Lobster And Scallops

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

  • Lama betul tidak makan lobster and scallops. Nyum! When was the last time you had these two?
  • I don't know where to get fresh seafood in Klang Valley. Paling-paling yang claim mereka serve fresh pun ada di tengah-tengah city yang langsung tiada air di sekeliling kecuali longkang dan parit. 
  • Oh they keep their fish dalam tangki air tu lah...
  • In certain countries, fish is referred to most seafood including scallops. Ok I tak buat research lagi disitu but will do so inshaAllah. 
  • So what is your favorite fish? See the table below: 
I don't think everyone is able to eat lutefisk. Someone did say that the texture is like cold Vaseline!
  • Oh I had the experience of cooking sea bass. Jangan ditanya rasanya bagaimana. Sudah lupa saya ni...
  • Yang paling Azeem takut nak makan is Dory. Kan di Manhattan Fish Market restaurant tu kan ikannya semua Dory kecuali satu if I'm not mistaken. After the negative news of Dory appeared on t.v., Azeem sudah tidak makan. Perhaps one day mungkin makan balik. hehe.
  • In England, Cod and Plaice are the common fish used to make fish and chips. ummm....I could taste the salty and sour of the crispy fish batter due to the lemon, vinegar and salt plus the soft white flesh covered with tomato ketchup.
  • =)
  • One tall glass of lemonade please!

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 It's Friday. Alhamdulillah. 
Lets together involve in positive activities over the weekend. 
Moga diberkati :)


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