The One Who Stays

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

  • Alhamdulillah. I never thought that being a wife is quite easy. This may be due to the understanding husband I have. Thank you Allah. Und thank you babe. 
"We wait for 5 minutes before we add the flowers into this tea"
Toleration is one of the factors to a happy marriage.
If your husband wants flowers in his tea, then give him some. Never say NO.
If your wife wants belacan in her sambal, then put some. Never say NO.

  • I have always been the rebellious one. Not blaming my mom aber with the experience of living abroad since I was a cute little child (ok puji sikit si comel =p) plus having non-conventional biological parents, I am against to some of our Malay traditions. 
Anak-anak selalu visit parents. Parents mengomel kalau anak-anak tak balik rumah visit. Apa salahnya sekali sekala parents yang masih larat pergi visit anak-anak dia instead? (Ok, bapak said he will be here with Aunt Lisa to take me out for lunch soon. Yeay!)
Kalau raya parents berebut suruh anak dia gilir-gilir raya. Kalau anak tu ada 2 set parents ie. biological parents und parents in law sahaja, then tak apa lah. Dah tu kalau anak-anak ada 3 or 4 sets of parents, tunggu giliran 3 to 4 years sekali lah jawabnya. Instead of marah anak-anak, cubalah faham oder empathy.
Kalau nak kahwin tu, dowry kena beribu-ribu. Benda ni sudah selalu bikin hot topic tapi masih sifat tamak dan menunjuk-nunjuk itu ada dalam diri. "Oi Jenah, anak kau hantaran takkan lah RM10k aje. Murah ko!" Allahu ya Rabb. 
Orang kampung mesti cakap canggini, "Dah lama kau tak balik jenguk orang kat kampung." Tiada salahnya orang kampung jenguk orang di bandar! (Atuk Syahmi cool, walaupun dah tua jalan tak berapa kuat, dia masih meraikan event yang anak-anak dan cucu-cucu dia buat di K.L. Thank you atuk :)) I myself sudah tiada atuk since 15 years ago... Sejak kahwin baru dapat rasa suasana kampung. Tapi satu tu pun tak berapa nak kampung. Heheh. )

Whenever my husband prepares hot chocolate for both of us, I never say to him to
put this much chocolate oder this much milk in my drink.
I let him do his own way :)

  • The Americans have long been practicing working from home culture. Having an office at home is not a new thing. My point is supported by the show entitled "Love It Or Lease It". Hillary's rival (can't remember his name) had to include office in his list when he scouted for new houses. Some of the Americans even make millions of $ just by working from home. Aber what the Malaysians have in their heads are, working from home normally applies to married women und it is impossible for people like me to make lots of RM. Aduh.
  • In England, both mom und dad are responsible in preparing dinner. Even unmarried couples oder newly weds too. The younger generation finds it awkward to only have the female doing house chores while the male sitting down on an armchair reading newspaper oder watching t.v. Aber what do we have in Malaysia? Who is responsible in peeling onions oder preparing food whenever the whole house is hungry? Think about this dear husbandS. How are we going to make a better society if our children see this in their homes? Allahu ya Rabb. 
Jikalau kita dan pasangan kita suka benda yang sama, kita raikan.
Kerana apabila kita ketemu sesuatu yang tidak sama suka, kita tidak dapat appreciate

  • I've been married for almost 3 years now und one thing that I realize is I only have one compulsory job as a wife, which is to listen to Syahmi! =D Of course I would only listen to stuffs that is still within Syarak. Und knowing Syahmi, I don't think he will ever ask me to do anything stupid. 
  • Another thing is, a wife should include her husband in the chores she's doing. 
  • One of the reasons why Malaysian guys turn out to be lazy husbands is because, women tend to volunteer in doing chores alone since they have NO TRUST in their husbands. Women expect their men to do chores their way. Seriously, wives should stop telling their husbands on how to wipe table, wash clothes etc.
  • So do not blame the husbands if they turn out to be potato couch. Women are to be blamed for pampering the men. Wahlow kosi!
When was this taken?! Oh Allah. I almost forgot that you used to wear that hairstyle babe :D
Almira: Uncle Ajim airport naik plane.

  • Try something new. Take the "Untaken Road". Dance with your spouse to a jazz or even to The Old McDonald once in a while. Oder together scrub the bontot periuk before you scrub each other. Kan fun tu :)  
  • Nowadays kan moms yang sibuk nak cari benda fun to do with their kids. Kiranya generation sekarang dah nak try new approach untuk bonding dengan anak-anak. Why not find something new for husbands too. A few moms yang "terlupa" akan suami setelah mendapat cahaya mata. Even though kita sudah ada anak, suami tetap number 1 und Allah tak pernah ubah rank seorang suami mithali =)
  • What ever it is, do not forget to be thankful und appreciate each other. 
  • I am still in the process of learning to be a better wife. Oh I will try one method posted by a friend of mine who suggested a timetable to see und manage activities as a working from home wife. InshaAllah I will share on the outcome with all alright. =)
Ajim, Almira is too heavy now. =)
You'll be surprised. I don't think you'll be able to do this to her anymore.
Funny girl.
Amir Albanna.

What?! -Amir Albanna-

Have a good day all!

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