She Brightens Up My Day

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.
Macaroons. Too sweet for my liking. Perhaps orang ni
tidak pandai buat. Perasa too strong. I bought this di kedai
cake in Taipan.

  • Just a quick one since yours truly needs to run errands.
  • I had a short (about 5 minutes) conversation with Almira Alhassan Alayoubi over the phone. After all of her sweet words inviting me to her home (as usual) we then talked about colors:
Ayla: Almira pakai baju warna apa?
Almira: Warna puti (
Ayla: Aunty pakai baju warna pink.
Almira: Waah. Cantiknyaaa.

  • Pandainya she praised her aunty walaupun tak nampak =p The conversation continues:
Ayla : Kakak Wati mesti pakai baju warna kelabu kan?
Almira : Kelabuuu? (
a new word for her kot.) Tak lah warna birwu.
Ayla : Mama pakai baju warna apa? Almira nampak tak?
Almira : Warna put ... eh. (
she turned to kak Wati, her nanny and asked "Mama pakai baju warna apa?") Kunin (kuning). 



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