Should I Grow My Own Pecan?

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

  • Almost every morning I consume pecans, raisins and dates. If taxes keep escalating, Ayla Johan will grow her own pecans.
Care free moment. Now not anymore.

  • I was invited by dearest husband to attend a discourse of implementing affirmative action. So after the sesat larat last night, we finally managed to arrive before it started. A 20mins drive took us 40mins instead. To conclude, Garmin goes haywire every time it enters K.L. Oh the hikmah of the sesat larat, I got to meet and witness the warm behavior of Dr. Dzulkefly Ahmad. He even asked questions about me (a stranger to him) to my husband. He is indeed a very humble man.
  • There we were, sitting amongst those who truly understand politics in a round table und listening to professionals speaking. Three main panels presented their research und logical ideas. The main concern that was brought up is discrimination
  • Those of you who have the experience dealing with Job Street, how many times do you encounter "Language requirement: Mandarin/Cantonese" in job adverts? I am not saying that these employers are racists since I have a few Malay friends who are able to converse in Mandarin/Cantonese fluently. Oh I even had the experience of seeing and hearing with my own senses, a young Indian girl conversed in Mandarin/Cantonese to her Chinese friends. Honestly, I was gobsmacked.
  • From my observation during the discussion, I could see that many of us do agree that it is not so much about racism since there are Chinese, Kadazan, Bajau, Indians und etc. who are also in poverty, not only the Malays. So what causes the poverty percentage gap between these races?
  • You see, lets together do some research about the Malaysia's rich und influential people. I do not want to give you specific names aber just pick someone behind Malaysian Mining Corporation und Syarikat Bina Puri Holdings Berhad. How many of you realize that the rich becomes richer aber the poor becomes poorer?
  • Have you ever questioned on why do we pay more more more than the Australian in Australia pay for a Toyota car?
Malaysian mainland car buyer paid almost additional 38% compare those at duty free Island of Langkawi.
The Government take about RM23,000.00 in taxes for every imported car that is sold in the country. This would add to billions of ringgit.
Most of this taxes money goes to the Government in the form of taxes and duties and also to pay for the Approved Permits(AP). AP is needed to import these cars.
According to the book “Thing in Common” by Syed Akbar Ali, AP is a Useless Pieces of paper which do not add any value to the car or to the people.
They are  just a method of skimming money from the people!
He also wrote these taxes are being imposed to protect outdated national car industry and to benefit a few privileged people who have access to APs to import cars.
Highly protectionist policy in the car industry should be reduce and without competition from freely imported cars, the car prices in Malaysia have rocketed sky high. - Source: AlanTan-

  • Some people concluded that the cause of high taxation, poverty, high cost of living etc. is greed. 
  • Greed : An excessive desire to acquire or possess more than what one needs or deserves, especially with respect to material wealth -Source: thefreedictionary-

  • We ourselves created a small entity called the "government" to manage our country und benefits with the $$ we provide them. Aber those who we appointed to "manage" our money are now actually richer than us. It's like your neighbourhood security guards that you pay monthly be it RM50 oder RM200 are earning more than you do.
  • Ain't that funny?
I'm doing this for you two, Almira Alhassan Alayoubi und Amir Albanna.

On our way home, we witnessed "Kelab Satria" lepak di dataran.
If this keeps going on, we need millions of years more to change.
Allahu Rabbi.


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