Somehow I Know That It Is Not Over

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.
Surrey 2009

  • When I was 11 year-old, I told myself that I will surely come back to live in England. Alhamdulillah Allah gave me another chance. I spent another 4 years of my early 20s in Soton.
  • When I was 22 year-old, I prayed to Allah so that I'm able to live in a flat together with a husband in England. Alhamdulillah Allah answered my prayers. In 2009, Syahmi und I got married und we lived together in a new built humble flat in Broadlands Road.  
I love to see the greens whenever I looked out of our living und bedroom windows.
We bought the lampshade for only £0.50! Carboot carboot~
The gloomy street in winter. Syahmi did slip und fell on his back.
The pavement was too slippery. I was told to stay inside while he went down to help a friend of ours.

  • In the year 2010, a few months before I left England for Malaysia, I repeatedly told Syahmi that I wanted to work on my own. ie. I am my own boss. Alhamdulillah, I am my own boss now ;-) I admit that I didn't expect things to be very difficult. Now I can say that, being a working from home wife is definitely NOT AS EASY AS IT SEEMS. I literally do everything for The Sale with some advices from Syahmi und mama.
  • Some people wonder on how many times do I reserve handbags for myself as available items are here with me. Well, I don't! Amazingly Juaini Johan is not a shopaholic aber she is a travelholic (I know there is no such word =p).
  • **** Yes to bapak, my brown handbag that Che Ngah mentioned yesterday is almost 3 year-old already ya. Just to avoid you from having thoughts that I do not know how to manage my $$. 
....sorry pause for awhile, receiving a phone call from Syahmi at 0143 hrs! =D

Syahmi: Hello..
Ayla: Hi b..
Syahmi: Eh tak tidur lagi?
Ayla: (if you expect that I won't answer your call since I'm in my deep slumber, then why do you ring? You know how insensitive my ears are while i'm sleeping =D funny babe. pura-pura terkejut I masih awake.) Tak...
bla bla bla bla

A few months after our nikah, our friend had her wedding reception in Surrey Uni.
Superb =)

  • Well there are just things that I wished for but they never did come true. For example; I wish to nikah with Syahmi on a cruise in Southampton. Just a small ceremony with family und friends. Aber I never expressed that to any of my family, just to avoid some close family members from saying these, "Think about others but not just yourself." oder "Do you think your father's going to spend that much?" oder "Dream on!" etc. Prevention is indeed better than curing a broken heart.
  • I even pictured myself in a lavender dress aber I ended up wearing white instead! =D Well, secretly I did save a few £ for my wedding. Und yes, I managed to purchase my own wedding dress from Al-Motahajiba with my own £ =) Syukur Alhamdulillah. 
  • Sapo kato anak tino Johan anak emas? Meh sini eden tepek lempeng pisang kat dahi kamu. Anak emas mama und abah ado di Melbourne tu eh. Asal call pasti cakap takdok duit. Asal cakap takdok duit, esok luso kat bank toruih bertambah $$. Tu kalo esok esok kurang hajar ngan mama und abah, siap ekau. Tiado maap bagimu dah eh. 
  • I did wish for a cleaner room, aber I'm not in one. inshaAllah soon. =)
  • I have a terribly long list. Aber if Allah s.w.t. keeps on telling me "No", then there is no point for me to be upset. I have all faith in Him, He who always give the best. 
One of my fav home cooked meal. Carbonara Pasta with vegetarian meatballs.
Simplu luscious =)

  • Doa und prayers are things that I am unable to describe in perfect words.
  • I have always believed that the stuffs I have und situation I'm in are Allah s.w.t. gifts for me. No matter how hard I work, if I don't make Doa oder pray to Allah s.w.t., I don't think I will be able to taste these fruits. 
  • Und please, it would be lovely if you could stop asking me on how much (RM oder £ oder $) I'm making a month. I definitely don't have the answer for the coming months but I tell you, Allah s.w.t. has been showering me with not just $ aber something which is more important, that is the love from my loved ones. 
Maaf ring di jari tak betul. Time ni still tak tahu sunah.
With Dir, the only cousin who came to visit me in Soton. Danke. Hope he is well.

Lets not stop praying und make Doa/Dua'.


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