These Are Ours!

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

  • After we arrived home from England, I don't get to shop for groceries with Syahmi anymore. This is due to me not wanting to be in huge crowds in hypermarkets on weekends. Since I visit the post office regularly, before I head home, I do quick groceries shopping at most twice a week. 
  • Yes. On weekdays, less people und good traffic. 
  • Aber last night Syahmi had to get some drinks for his futsal team. So we went to his new favorite place....
The overjoyed monorail engineer.
Umm babe, where's my Cloud 9?
I want the whole lot!
  • Syahmi managed to save at least RM24 last night. Gut job babe.
  • Before we left:
Syahmi: B, nanti kalau perang I tau mana nak stay. 
Ayla: Where?
Syahmi: Sini.
  • Owner warehouse ni und his kerabat je dah penuh dah tempat ni time war.
  • =)


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