Beyond Imagination

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

  • When something good happens, Allah s.w.t. knows exactly how grateful we are even though we forgot to thank Him. Aber that is not a valid reason for us to always being forgetful.
  • I got caught in a bad traffic yesterday. I entered the LDP (Damansara Puching Highway) at 7 p.m, phew~ I didn't do it on purpose as I knew that at that hour, most highways in Klang Valley are like $£%*^! Aber I had to. I was so down that I gave my husband a call.
  • A year ago, I was once like you office people. I went through bad traffic from Shah Alam to Ooobang. Aber now I always plan my journey, ie. go to the post office at certain hours to avoid  ridiculous traffic congestion.
  • Seriously, to have my own office in an elite location is the last thing on my list! I wouldn't want to trouble my employees. Cewah! =D 
  • What ever it is, if something good happens beyond our imagination, lets not forget to be thankful. 
  • I am now looking forward for a bigger home office for myself. I always imagine the layout und plan aber I hope for something great beyond my imagination to happen =) InshaAllah. 

  • Alright, below are some of the collections that are available at Shafiya Collections booth in MAEPS, Serdang. 
  • These beautiful hand drawn batik are not mine. If you feel like purchasing online, feel free to send me an e-mail. I will ask the owner to post the kain to you. 

A few of the Shafiya Collections Batik available at their booth in MAEPS, Serdang.

Matching tudung bawal.

Batik Silk. Orange with bling bling

Sulam tudung bawal

Batik silk. One chinese guy said, "Wah macam Ed Hardy design!"

Matching purple hijab

    Surprise surprise. Batik cotton! Baru :)

    Matching dual toned hijab.

    Green batik silk with bling bling.
    • More batik available. They'll be in MAEPS, Serdang until Sunday!

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