Happy Birthday

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.
  • I gave my elder brother a call, hoping to speak to the little Alfire when suddenly I heard a soft "hello" on the other side...
Almira: Hello.
Ayla    : Happy Birthday to you! Hello Iya.
Almira: Hello.
Ayla    : Iya dekat mana?
Almira: Iya dekat kereta.
Ayla    : Iya pergi mana?
Almira : lasjdhasugfalj (ok I tak dengar but I tak nak tanya dia balik sebab nanti dia keluar fire. hehe)
Ayla    : oooo. Iya pergi dengan siapa?
Almira: Iya pergi dengan abah, dengan adik Amir. 
Ayla    : Ok. Happy Birthday Iya.
Ayla    : Happy Birthday.
Almira: Thank you.
Ayla    : I love you.
Almira: I lav yooo.
Ayla    : Assalamualaikum.
Almira: Askum.

They literally smooched the poor Pooh. Especially Amir, he is the type who loves
cuddles, hugs und kisses. Must be a romantic man when he grows up. hehehe.

und when I asked them to stop kissing the Pooh, Amir immediately
searched for comfort on Pooh. 

Almira is a big sister now.

  • Almira just turned 3 yesterday.
  • She didn't know how to react to Birthday wishes, not until her father taught her what to say in reply. Cute :)
  • She is now a big girl and does not fancy repetitive questions. She loves to discover new things and likes to share stories. 
  • I will find time to visit them again this week. What shall I get for the two kids? Do you know what a 4 year-old kid would like to have for her Birthday? 
  • Why 4 when Almira just turned 3? This is because her mind is beyond 3 yr's.
  • Watch the video below to see Almira at "work" with her Aunty Ayla. 

  • Did you spot Almira said "stemaish" instead of "desert"?
  • Hahaha. Her new habit, naming things to her liking. 
  • =)

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