Hey Where Is My Gift(s)?

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

  • I asked Syahmi this question daysss ago:
    "Have you ever heard of a husband giving his wife at least 7 trays of gifts on her birthday just like what he did during their nikah? 
  • Well I don't.

I buku wedding pun buat sendiri je. Jimat. haha.
We got married when we were still in "school".
Hence everything kena jimat :)

  • Malays literally spend thousands of ringgit in "filling up" dulang hantaran. I am not sure whether the bride und groom request for those gifts oder not. But lets together calculate the average amount a groom spends just for the gifts:
  1. Standard Coach handbag : RM1900
  2. Tag Heuer Watch : RM2000
  3. A pair of Salvatore Ferragamo shoes : RM550
  4. A set of Gucci fragrance: RM595
  5. A set of Christian Dior cosmetics : RM930
  6. A 0.4 carat solitaire Habib Jewels diamond ring : RM3500
  7. Al-Quran : RM120
  8. Telekung : RM180
  9. Wang hantaran : RM10,000
  10. Cake : Aunty's contribution
  11. Chocolate :  Sister's contribution
  12. Fruits : Neighbour's contribution
*The list above has got nothing to do with me or Syahmi. Just an example. 
  • We could see from the list that a groom spends RM19,775 just for the gifts. I bet the bride spends a lot too aber minus the wang hantaran of RM10,000. Roughly about RM9000.
  • So now, what do we get for our birthdays?
  • Does your wife spend RM9000 for your birthday gift(s)?
  • Does your husband spend RM20,000 for your birthday gift(s)?
  • I bet some of you are receiving more! =)
My beautiful mama. The one who has been very supportive.

  • Instead of a "Thank You", Syahmi will only get scolded by me if he spends a lot of $$ unnecessarily.
  • Stop spending too much. Weddings are to be celebrated but not to create burden. Ladies, be wise. Life after marriage needs more $$ than you ever think. 
  • Your husband just started working, earning RM4000 monthly. That may seem a lot to you aber, you have to remember that your husband needs to pay for the car you're using, the house you're living in, the bills, the food you consume, the clothes you wear, the undergarments you wear, und etc.
  • If you bear a child a few weeks after your solemnization, your husband needs to pay for your medical check-ups, baby crib, baby car seat, baby diapers, baby clothes, baby books, baby toys, not forgetting future independent school fees, und etc. 
  • Fuhh~
  • If you erase the Coach handbag, Tag Heuer watch, Salvatore Shoes etc. from the list, in a way you are helping your less fortunate husband to save at least RM5000. With that RM5000, your husband is able to provide you with a more comfortable life than what you are having right now. 
  • No? ;)
My father (in mint green) selalu pesan jangan spend $ unnecessarily.
He is totally against expensive clothes, shoes and handbags.
Bapak tak pernah complain bags on The Sale mahal, hence maksudnya
I memang jual murah! Yeehaa! =D
Kalau t-shirt cotton RM50 pun dah kira mahal bagi dia.
I dengan Syahmi pun rasa benda sama. Hehe.
Aber he doesn't mind spending a lot in cars. Cit!

  • My husband came home yesterday und shared with me his friend's opinion about a stay at home wife. These are not exactly his words aber the meaning is still the same:
    "Suri rumah ni benda yang dibual dengan suami banyak gossip. Tapi isteri berkerja ni berbual dengan suami tentang perihal office dan perkara yang memberansangkan."
  • After I heard that, I did ask Syahmi:
    "Oh my do I gossip? You have to remember that your wife works at home but not sitting around doing nothing oder watching telenovela like what your friend has imagined a stay at home wife is."
  • Syahmi told me that he disagrees with his friend's opinion as he knows that I don't waste time gossiping and what comes out from me are the same things that he reads from online news und also informative stuffs about life that I obtained from Dr. Phil, 48 hours cases, BBC Panorama und etc.
  • Well he did catch me watching Istana Takeshi yesterday. Haha. I switched that on at 6pm while updating The Sale data base just before I went to prepare fried kuey teow in the kitchen. 
  • Life is good. Thank you Allah =)
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