I Have A Super Power

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

  • I was "busy" waiting und waiting.. waiting und waiting .... at the immigration office yesterday. By the time I arrived home, I couldn't get into my working mode. Hence no entry etc. 
  • Yup I went to renew my Reisepass (passport). Instead of taking 2 hours, they need 2 days to print my new Reisepass. The reason they gave me; their printing system is not working. 
  • Aber anyway, below are a few photos of my new super hero, Alfire played by Almira. 
  • Have a great day everyone. 

From left: Monster Super Blurr and The Ultimate Alfire!

I don't know who taught her this pose.
Her current fav. pose.
Arggg Monster Super Blurr wants to take my camera away....
Monster Super Blurr destroying a white cloud.
Since he is ginormous, he can simply grab a cloud with his one hand.
The Ultimate Alfire is ready to meet the Monster Super Blurr!
Victory! The Monster Super Blurr has been defeated.
He's badly injured und now down on his butt cheeks (bottom corner left).
  •  If you are in pain und need help, just shout "Otay!", The Ultimate Alfire will come to the rescue.

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