I'm Chasing The Sun

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.
  • I would run down the stairs whenever the sun shine is gone. Not that I'm obsess with the Sun aber I'm afraid that my clothes on the clothes line will get wet due to the rain. 
  • Well, sometimes "mendung tak bererti hujan".   
My dearest little ones. They were gone for 5 days und I missed them terribly!
I never thought that people will make a fuss about me not having any kids.
I do not know why, but some people are just too rude when expressing their "concerns".
Instead of praying for the best, they said this instead,
"Ko rancang eh? Eeee."
What's with the "Eee."??
Allahu ya Rabb. No one else understands how I feel when I'm with these people.
I pray for Your help und strength. Aber yesterday, I was so happy since I got
to be with positive ladies und the way they share opinions, simply phenomenal.
Danke und schon :)

  • I strongly believe that all Muslims want to enter Jannah. Aber not everyone knows how. 
  • We might gain the same knowledge about Islam in school aber as we grow older, we tend to have our own ways on executing oder implementing some of the things that we learnt.
  • For example:
    My husband loves to perform solah jemaah with me. To motivate me, sometimes he would lay out my sajadah und prepare telekung while I'm still in the bath performing ablution. While other husbands might have other ways to encourage their wives for instance; pouring water for their wives during ablution etc. 
  • As long as the techniques are not against Islam, then there is no problem for us to apply in our lives. 
A very huge smile for Uncle Ajim, Tok Abah, Nenek, Tok Mama, Tok Amal,
Uncle Syahmi und Aunty Ayla.
Almira loooves fruits. Banana, blueberries, papaya, grapes und all!
Sometimes she eats aber not very fond of chocolate und ice cream. 

  • Islam encourages positive behaviours und lifestyle at all times. I know I know that it is quite difficult for us to make sure that EVERYTHING is in order ABER that does not mean we should stop trying. 
  • Even though the outcome is still "uncool" aber Allah s.w.t. recognizes our effort und inshaAllah we will get "points" for that too!
  • What matter most is the process of reaching Jannah. 
  • Lets together kita buat perkara-perkara baik; senyum, tegur sapa, memberi, berkata perkara baik, menjaga, mendidik, mengeratkan ukhuwah, membantu mereka yang memerlukan, bersangka baik, etc.
  • Allah s.w.t. is watching us at every tick of the clock. Lets not waste our lives by being negative. 
  • To those who are already married, support each other. Do beautiful stuffs with your spouse. Remind each other on how lovely your marriage is compared to your courtship days =)
I guess this is one of the two photos of Amir without his 2 fingers in his mouth!
The cool boy.
  • Lat night, mama und I spoke to Almira over the phone:
Tok Mama: Amir jalan tak Iya?
Almira       : Tak. Sebab dia dah kenyang.

Ayla           : Almira bila nak datang Ooobang?
Almira       : Kejap lagi.
Ayla           : Naik apa?
Almira       : Iya naik aeroplane.

Ayla           : Park dekat mana?
Almira       : bla bla bla (ok I tak faham)

    • Dan dan je kejap lagi. Now Almira dah pandai express things that she would like to happen.
    • InshaAllah I will find time to visit the kids sometime this week. It means that I have to stay up all night to finish my work! Babe may I?
    I love the both of you with all my heart.
    Amir with his "I don't care" facial expression =)

    Happy Mother's Day to Mama.
    We (Syahmi und I) were mentally busy the whole week hence
    no celebration for you. Well, you und I know that everyday is Mother's day.
    Thank you for preparing my favorite soup und thank you for
    the support you've given me und Syahmi.
    We love you.
    To Ibu,
    Somehow I have a feeling that you do read my blog.
    Happy Mother's Day to you too.
    May Allah gives you more opportunity to go for
    romantic getaways with abah, leaving your grown-up kids behind.
    To Aunt Lisa,
    Happy Mother's Day to you.
    Thank you for your help and being so sabar with bapak.
    InshaAllah we will receive more gifts from Him

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    • Let me chase the Sun und reach for the Stars.


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