It Takes Time

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.
  • It takes time to know people. 
  • It takes time to understand your spouse.
  • It takes time for wound to heal. 
  • It takes time to digest food.
  • It takes time for the effects of exercise on our body to become visible. 
  • Aber most of the hard to achieve things in life last longer than the easy ones, no? 
  • Hehe.
Looking forward for our next holiday. Where und when will it be babe?
We did walk a lot during our past holidays. Due to that, I did shed a few kilos.
The law is simple. Walk more to burn more calories. In other words, get off the chair!

  • I am not the slimmest oder petite lady on earth. I am one of those Malay ladies with lots of "absorber". I don't blame my ancestors, passing down this gene to me und I don't see the point of blaming anyone.
  • Not just that, my metabolic rate is lower than my husband! He doesn't have to work out as much as I do to maintain his slim figure und also to keep healthy. Again, I don't blame Allah for making me unique. Hehehe. =D
  • At this moment, I am watching a documentary by BBC Horizon entitled The Truth About Exercise. The scientist said that different people react to exercise differently. It is unnecessarily true that the more you exercise, the healthier you are. Oh pulak kan ...
  • Days ago I watched a documentary about strange addiction. A man is addicted to cycling und he has been cycling for the past 20 years. His son was so worried about his daily cycling routine that the son asked the father to go for a medical check. Surprise, surprise, the cyclist's hip bones are nearly worn out. No wonder he always complains about having difficulty to walk.
  • This does not mean that he has to stop cycling. He needs to tone down und avoid excessive exercise using his legs. 
  • Same goes to us, we should know our body limit. 
Carrying backpack does help in burning more calories.
You need more energy to carry the load eyh. So another tip other than lots of walking
is to carry load on our back.

  • For the past 2 years, it has been the season where people (mostly ladies) are so into the Premium Beautiful corset. It is totally your choice to wear or not aber please do not stop exercising. 
  • You'll be amazed on the effects of exercise on your body. If not now, later ;-)
  • Same goes to eat healthily. You may not see the effects of consuming tomatoes now, aber you might see it when you're 40. 
  • InshaAllah ;-)

* Juaini Johan / Ayla Johan does not sell Premium Beautiful (PB) corset. She doesn't own any and she has got nothing to do with this product. For more information abou PB, please google for it and you'll definitely find at least 100 entries about it. 

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