Kakak, I Love You

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

  • I couldn't wait any longer thus I immediately drove to the kids' home to kiss, hug und play with them. As usual, after I received a reply from Syahmi, I zoomed to meet my beloved munchkins. 
  • Almira is still unwell aber she's getting better each day, alhamdulillah. 
  • I could hear she screamed my name und hopped around with happiness the second she saw Azeem's car. I was still inside the car when I heard "Aunty Ayla! Aunty Ayla! Yeh yeh yeh bla bla bla bal!"
  • She waited impatiently for me at the sliding doors, observing my movements. As I approached the main door, the kids were standing with huge smiles right in front of the door. Almira immediately informed me;
    "Tadi Iya muntah Aunty Ayla."
  • Aber her nanny told me that what she meant was yesterday, not just now. 
  • Almira has developed her own baby language that sometimes she uses to communicate with Amir. Surprisingly, Amir does respond to her even more!
  • There was one moment when Amir accidentally fell from the couch to the carpeted floor. We didn't expect that to happen thus no one came to save him. Aber he seemed alright. With his straight face, everything is always alright! ;) So I explained to Almira;
    Ayla: Kesian adik Amir kan Almira, dia jatuh tadi.
    Almira: Hm (mengiyakan)
    Ayla: Jahat lah aunty sebab tak help Amir.
    Almira: Iya pun jahat.
    Ayla: Kenapa Almira jahat?
    Almira: Sebab Iya marah adik Amir. Hargh! Hargh! (dia demo cara dia marah Amir)
    Ayla: Kenapa Iya marah?
    Almira: Adik Amir ambil toy Iya ... (muka regret)
  • I didn't stay long as Almira needed rest. Usually, she refused to take a nap whenever I'm around. Aber she did yesterday, fell asleep right in front of the t.v. Guess what Amir did when he saw his sister sleeping....
Finding comfort on his sister's tummy.

She must be so tired...pitty her..

I want to check her temperature on her forehead.

  •  The rest, I caught on video. Watch it below:
  •  Excuse the Malay drama their nanny was watching. I managed to change the channel to something interactive for the kids before Almira fell asleep. Hehe. 

It's Friday :)
God bless.

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