Losing Weight

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

  • 2 days ago, Syahmi shared an information with me. Our brain takes 20% of the fuel (energy) we consume everytime when we think, aber it takes 50% of the fuel when we think harder!
  • Therefore lets use our brains more than before aber don't forget to exercise regularly to keep fit alright :)
Mom, Syahmi, Azeem und Reza's fav gooeey yolk.

My favorite brownie. Hehe.

  • I was a skinny little girl before I reached the age of 9. I hated rice aber I loved chocolate und ice creams (well, I still do. hehe.) 
  • Aber I started to gain weight when we moved to England. Oh boy. The climate did influence my appetite. From not wanting to eat, I swallowed everything that could be eaten! 
  • When I was 10-11 year-old, I would independently went to a nearby shop to get myself unhealthy snacks. School ended at half past three und once I'm done putting my empty lunch box at home, I would dashed to the mini shop to get some gummy sweets und crisps.
  • While waiting for dinner, I would prepare some hot chocolate drink und had it together with Cadbury chocolate digestive biscuits. Yummy.
  • haa....those were the days. .. .. .. =)
Azeem had this in Singapore.
Can I have this for breakfast, lunch und dinner please?
Ayla's home made luscious chocolaty muffin. Baha! When did I bake this babe?

  • I skipped exercising yesterday due to the workload I had. Aber today, it is still raining here in Ooobang therefore I am unable to go out to the park. Well, pilates at home baby! 
  • ... kalau rajin ...
  • hahahahah =D
  • Have a great Friday all!

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