Nasi Ayam Kampung vs. Nasi India

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Black Beauty.
Zara Black Combined.
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  • We have been consuming Nasi Ayam Kampung by Hassan since yearsssssss ago. Indeed, the nasi is our (whole family) favorite nasi with fried ayam kampung and traditional mixed gravy. 
  • Aber what's with Nasi India?
  • I called the white rice eaten with mixed curry gravy and normal fried chicken Nasi India. This is because the person in charge of packing that nasi for me is, I believe an Indian Muslim. Hehehe. Thus the name, Nasi India. 
  • I don't normally eat rice for lunch. Aber I would get myself a pack of Nasi India at most twice a month even though I regularly pay the post office (steps away from the Nasi India) a visit.
  • Aber if Nasi Ayam Kampung Hassan is just steps away from the posto, I think I will end up having rice for lunch during weekdays at least 8 times a month! 
auf Wiedersehen Cuchom und Uncle Jaz! Hope everything goes well for the both of you in performing umrah.
Syahmi bought this carrot slice yesterday. Budak kedai tanya:
"Kak, a u ..f wie.. ni apa?"
Hehe. Terkial dia nak menyebut.

  • I don't fancy rice since I was a little girl. I don't really know why.
  • Aber now, the main reason is, I find it quite a hassle since you have to cook a few other dishes (lauk pauk) to be eaten with white rice.
  • Back in Soton, my husband and I used the oven a lot to prepare food. We baked salmon, chicken, lamb etc. and had them with budu or other home made gravy. Oh yes, my mom in law was generous enough to send bottles of budu from Malaysia. =D
  • Not that I don't eat rice at all und I don't see myself as a picky eater.  
  • =)
The lady in the silver car loveesssss white rice.
Most of the time kalau I masak makanan bukan rice, mama pasti
makan super slow macam susah nak telan.
Walaupun dia try tak nak show her true feelings, tapi I masih dapat nampak.
Akibatnya, dia pun akan cari Nasi India kalau dia balik rumah super lapar! =D
  •  Azeem, surprise surprise! 

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