Assalamualaikum w.b.t

  • Al-Quran as we all know consists of powerful words of Allah s.w.t. No one is able to write oder compose such piece. 
  • I know that it is not easy for some of us to understand the contents aber we have to force ourselves to read, recite und learn A l-Quran.
  • It would be lovely if we can make it as a routine. For those of you who hates routine, jst make sure that you have at leat 5minutes after solat to read the Al-Quran.
  • Since I'm not discipline enough, I'm going to have "Post-It" on my doors, machine und mirror as reminder. Well, I'm not the type who follows schedule oder timetable aber I do read notes/reminders :-)
  • Lets together learn the words of Allah. I need to start looking for Al-Quran und Hadith classes. 
  • Mesti bestkan manusia yang sudah pandai Al-Quran, hadith dan bahasa Arab...Do you mind helping me to sharpen my sword?

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