We Don't Realize, Not Until . . .

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.
  • Yes! He didn't manage to leave home at 6:45am aber still earlier than before which is at 7:03am. Hopefully the traffic is not as bad as at 8:am. I'm praying for you babe!
Yep, I had my Maths classes at that tall building und graduated at the building on the left.
Sort of like an underground concert hall, Turner Sims Concert Hall Southampton Uni. 
  • Look at ourselves now. What have we achieved? Do not compare with those we have not yet achieved.
  • Some of us have the habit of complaining. Well, "grass is always greener on the other side" aber that does not mean what we have is utterly meaningless.
  • When you don't have a job, complain. When  you have a job, complain. When you don't have a car, complain. When you have a car, complain. 
  • So where is the sign of being grateful? 
  • A simple "Alhamdulillah" will do eyh :)
  • Breaking news! I just received a text from Syahmi saying that he has reached his office und done wearing his neck tie at 7:46am, bravo!
  • The video I uploaded above is to prove that Amir is a very kind brother und he always let his sister does the things she wants. Sort of Amir retreats und let her sister play with his toys. 
  • I do observe them und Amir has always been the one who finds other things to play if his sister does not want to play with him oder if his sister hijacks his toys. 
  • Such a calm boy und indeed huggable!
  • Almira is more like me, dominant. Takes control of situation und at times protective. I do remember that I had to care for my younger brother since I was 10 year-old. 
  • Back in England, I was on my way to a music practice in the school hall when I spotted Azeem crying while queuing for playtime. So I asked who did that to him etc. und he pointed at his British friend. You know what I did? I gave him a death glare! Bahahahahaha =D
  • You don't play play with me alright. I don't remember shedding a tear when I was in kindergarten. Aber I remember being the naughty girl, sorok kasut kawan lain behind shoe cupboard so that she will miss her ride home (school bus). Hahahahahaha =D Lepas tu pergi school trip di Bukit Cerakah, sengaja jalan belakang a handsome boy so that I can hold hands with him. Pergh! At 5 dah jahat. Hahahaha =D
  • Yes, there are just moments und things that I don't realize I have, not until they are gone. 
  • Well, beautiful moments are well kept in me =) But not Azeem's friend. Hahaha.
Azra please don't be naughty like me alright.
Sorry belum reveal muka Azra as belum minta permission lagi from her mom :)
Such an adorable girl. Hope to see you more often!

Have a great day y'all!

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