We Need You Ya Rabb

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

  • Sometimes we do things just to keep others from making negative ridiculous comments. Hence the question of being "Ikhlas" rises up.
  • Aber I was told not to question about that =) 

Syahmi said: Amboi happynya dia!
Indeed we were happy until the police und FRU fired tear gas.
We didn't do anything wrong. We just stood by the road side like other normal shoppers do during
weekends! I was there in fact I was everywhere und got to witness most things. So do not come und tell me that
the Bersih people were out of control etc. We started from Masjid Negara then we walked to Pasar Seni. About 30 minutes later, I saw with my own eyes a group of policemen/officersorwhatevertheyarecalled
shouted und chased some people who are about 10m away from me. When they started to fire tear gas, all of us walked to Sogo. Well not all as I took the train to Bank Negara. Situation became worse. Someone got beaten by police und I refused to watch that even though I was just like 5 meters away from them. While other FRUs sat on the curb smiling und asked for their faces to be captured on camera. Memang ada segelintir pihak yang suka provoke-provoke. I do not know whether they do care about Bersih or not. Next time kalau you tak pergi witness, jangan panggil orang yang pergi otak lembu segala. Tu lah, baca and dengar lagi news from Bernama, TV3, Berita Harian, Utusan etc. yang terang-terang bias und berjaya membuat orang-orang yang baca dan dengar terpengaruh. I tahu ada juga yang tak habis-habis cakap siapa pergi Bersih support Ambiga und gay. Allahu Ya Rabb. Baca lagi lah news yang bias. Kami tak rugi apa-apa =)

  •  How can we know whether a thing or an issue is not against Islam?
    Ask for guidance from Allah s.w.t.
The Thunder (Ar-Ra'ad: 5-11)
[5] Now, if there is anything for you to marvel at, you should marvel at their saying: "What! when we have become dust, shall we then be raised to a new life again?" These are the people who have denied their Lord: they are those who shall have collars around their necks: they shall be the dwellers of Hell and therein they shall dwell for ever.
[6] They demand from you the hastening of evil rather than good, though indeed there have been instances of exemplary punishments before them (of the wrath of God on the people who adopted the same attitude.) The fact is that your Lord shows forbearance to the people despite their transgressions, and it is also the fact that your Lord is stern in retribution. 
[7] These people who have rejected your Message, say, "Why has no Sign been sent down to this person from His Lord" You are a warner only and every people has its guide.
[8-11] Allah knows what every female bears in her womb: He is fully aware of what is taking shape in the womb and also what decrease or increase occurs therein. Everything has its fixed measure with Him. He has perfect knowledge both of the visible and the invisible. He is the Great and the Supreme Being. Alike to Him are all of you, whether One of you whispers or speaks aloud or one hides oneself under the cover of the darkness of night or walks about in the broad day light. For each person has guardians before him and behind him, who watch over him by Allah's command. The fact is that Allah does not change a people's lot unless they themselves change their own characteristics: and when Allah decides to bring about retribution to a people, none can ward it off, nor can they find any defender or helper against Allah.
Central Market was closed during that day. If I'm not mistaken, this owner of Yellow und Green building
was the only restaurant that was open for business. I believe that he made awful lot of RM during that day :)
Did the owner paint his restaurant yellow und green specially for that event? Hehe.
They fired tear gas at the bridge in front of Agro Bank. That was when people started
running to Central Market LRT station.
More than 2 helicopters were spotted. I believe that dalam tu ada cameras segala.
Whoever sengaja ambil video untuk putar belit cerita, Allah tidak suka begitu.
I have never tasted Coconut Shake before, not until the year 2009.
Syahmi introduced one of his favorite beverages to me und every time we
pay Atok a visit, Syahmi will get me this :)
I was once like you, too safe in my comfort zone.
I was once like you, too "brilliant" in making judgments.
I was once like you.

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