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Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

  • Syahmi has a new look aber he doesn't allow me to capture him on camera. He may want to get used to his new hair style before I reveal on the net =) Whateverlah babe. 
  • So we went to Alamanda last Sunday for lunch with bapak und Aunt Lisa. On our way to the parking space, we went into SkinFood just to see what do they have in store. I think I did "tawaf" thrice in the store before Syahmi decided to purchase a tub of Pink Salt Body Scrub for us. 
The price for this small tub of 210g Pink Salt Body Scrub is RM55.
  • It is indeed salty! =D I tasted it right after our skin therapy ended at home. The scent is sweet, nice und subtle. Just the right one for therapy. Aber SkinFood's other products made out of ginseng, cucumber und some other plants have horrible scents. Nicht gut. 
  • I did ask the promoter whether she uses SkinFood products or not. She said she uses SkinFood's make-up aber when I looked at her "colorful" face, I was not convinced at all. Maybe it so happened that she put too much on on that particular day when Ayla Johan decided to enter the store. Hmm. Too bad. 
I just love the feeling of having coarse salt rubbed on my skin =)
So relaxing. I almost fell asleep aber the minute Syahmi und I swapped places,
he went straight to lala land. Haiyah~
  • I'm still looking for affordable mineral lipstick. I am not willing to pay anything more than RM25 for a standard stick. Am I a cheapskate? =D Haha. Nah, I don't think so. Value for money maaaa....
  • A lot needs to be done today. For those who shopped at The Sale yesterday, thank you very much =) Please tell your family, friends und acquaintances about The Sale. All items for sale are indeed genuine.

The thought of bringing in Radley terbantut sebab rasanya ramai Malay Malaysians
tak boleh accept logo Radley. No?
And to have them wearing a bag with a dangling dog tag, not in million years =(
Why oh why, dogs are cute. Bukan haram pun to have them as logo...
I can easily sell at least RM150 less than what they are selling in Parkson Grand.

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