When 2 Is Better Than 1

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

  • Challenges are not meant to make you weak aber they are catalysts for you to be better und wiser.
  • Aber sometimes I do whine before realizing the hikmah =D Cit poorah Ayla!
Missing the two kids.
Tok Mama: Almira tengok awan, clouds.
Almira: Hm. Tempat hujan kan.Terus I and mama terkejut. Ye la, at the age of 2 and 11 months dulu yang I tahu
main mak-mak guna Mickey Mouse. hahahha.
Sis Shida und Mr. Josey are indeed superb at teaching Almira.
Almira: One, two, three .... ten. Satu .... lima, tujuh, sebelas. =)
Now dah perfect dah dia count in Malay und also dah perfect baca Alif Ba Ta. 

  • Yesterday morning I had to send Syahmi to his office. Oh Allah, the traffic was insanely ridiculously bad! So I asked him, "Aren't these people tired of waiting, wasting time und petrol for this (queuing kilometers long in NKVE)?! Aren't you?" 
  • He just smiled.
  • From home to his office should just take at most 19 minutes aber he has been spending at least 1 hr und 10 mins to reach his office every single morning! Haiyoh. No more how now brown cow since I have the solution. hehe.
  • Und guess what, it took his wife to realize that he should change his habit of going to work late und willingly wasting an hour in bad traffic every single morning. Memang terbukti berdua lebih baik! =) 
  • I should have witnessed the horrible traffic a year ago so that Syahmi didn't have to waste about 2.5 hours a day. This is one of the things which I don't understand why Syahmi has decided to go through. 
  • I am not the wife that bebel bebel aber when I spot something is not right, I'll tell und help the person to solve his/her problems. Especially when it comes to wasting time und money. Oh Allah, Ya Rabb. I do take time und money seriously und I don't like to waste any of them. 
  • The funny Syahmi. When I asked him why don't you wake up early, again he smiled und
    blamed me for not waking up early =p He said, "Do you remember the time when you
    went to work in Shah Alam? You woke up early and I also did! =D"

    Dearest babe, now my office is just a step away from our bed ok~
    Lama sangat I tak nampak Jai (the guy in black jacket). Where is he now?
  • So yesterday my husband got to listen to my 10 minutes lecture about time. I shared with him what he could have done with the 2.5 hours he had been wasting on the road und he could easily save at least RM100 monthly. 
  • RM100 to you might sound too little aber it is not for me. With that RM100, one can feed at least 10 unfortunate people y'all! In our case, bayar cat rumah bila pindah soon =D inshaAllah.
  • Therefore I came up with an idea of Syahmi leaving home at 6:50am instead of 7:30am und comes home at 5-5:30pm. If he's home early, he has the time to jog und stay fit. We can also start having early dinner so that we won't be as stuffed oder starved as we are now before going to bed.
  • My dearest husband has agreed with my proposed plan. Alhamdulillah aber I have made a promise to MAKE SURE that he wakes up at 6:15am! Therefore, I cannot terlajak lah sebab I dah promise. Haiyoh... Dia balik nanti I nak cancel lah promise tu. 
  • InshaAllah we will start with this new regime tomorrow. I'll share with you the outcome. 
Syahmi got 25 pcs of Red Velvet cup cakes specially delivered to Ibu's home for her Birthday.
He bought a few for us as well as we didn't get to celebrate with Ibu last night.
Another 3 left in the fridge, hehehehehehe =D

  • Yesterday was Ibu's (my mom in law) birthday. I did text her birthday wishes in the morning aber she replied, "Oo tqvm". Haha. She sounded like she was unaware that it was her birthday. Her reaction macam, "ooo my birthday ke". Hahaha. =D I did tell Syahmi und he said most probably she was in her class busy teaching. Oh yes I forgot that Ibu now teaches morning session. 
  • If you're reading this Ibu, again, Happy Birthday :)

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