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Assalamualaikum w.b.t.


  • Greatest apology to those who have been waiting for new entries. Yours truly just got back from Perth, went to visit her baby brother together with her father und Aunt Lisa. Indeed, it was a surprise visit for Azeem. He went , "Arhh arhh. Bila plan bawak Kekla? Mesti abg Syahmi hide juga ni. Mana dia?". He literally went to search for his brother in law in the bathroom ;-)
  • Sorry mate, your brother in law had work commitments. Aber he promised next year ;-D inshaAllah. 

Azeem with a large school of Jellyfish at AQWA.
This photo is dedicated to mama, the one who used to love snapping her children's side profile.

  • Azeem is doing alright aber he has been shedding kilos of his weight. Well, I used to be the same too back in England. You know, when you live all by yourself, you just don't have the will to cook und eat every meal. 
  • So bapak stocked lots of food while aunt Lisa und I cooked dinner in our humble apartment especially for the skinny guy. From instant noodle to rice und not forgetting pizza, just name it ;-) There are lots of halal restaurants aber most of them sell kebabs while typical Malaysian und Indonesian restaurants serve rice, fried noodle, roti canai etc. We did eat out for lunch aber since the sun set at half past five, we had dinner at the apartment. 
Swan River, WA. 
Fremantle market where we had fish und chips!

  • It was good to be back in Australia after the long years. We were busy traveling to other parts of the world that we literally pulled Australia out from our map. Even though I've been to OZ a gazillion times, but it was my first time in Perth. Such a beautiful place with a relaxing environment. 
  • The public transport is definitely jauh panggang dari api compared to Malaysia. Free transit is provided in the city und it is called Central Area Transit, CAT. The same TransPerth train ticket can be used for TransPerth bus as well. How convenient is that eyh. 
  • I saw a news on tele where a resident complained about the public transport in her suburb. She said that the public transportation offered in her new suburb is not that frequent thus causing her to be dependent on her car. I bet her wakil rakyat will definitely do something to improve the public transportation in that new suburb. How cool is that eyh. Tax payers money are well used in Perth. 
  • Hello?! Dekat Malaysia kalau tak ada kereta memang tak kemana lah oit. Tak percaya go und ask ladies who cannot drive. Surely they will say that they are totally dependent on their husbands to drive them here und there. How they wish public transport di Malaysia ni senang macam di develop countries. 
  • I told Syahmi that in Perth, public buses pun lalu rumah kaya but in Malaysia, if kawasan rumah kaya, bus memang tak dibenarkan lalu. Siap ada jaga lagi dekat simpang-simpang rumah. Di Perth I tak nampak pun jaga oder pak guar oder security guards. Nak nak yang angkat turun palang besi dekat every junctions tu. Nak jumpa orang miskin und susah pun tak nampak di city tu. Di K.L banyak betul homeless people.  
  • The Perth City is cleaner than London und the sidewalks for pedestrians are wider compared to what the brits are having in Britain und the Italians in Italy.   
No kidding mate. Look at the sidewalk. Spacious =)
Boleh bentang tikar und picnic y'all! Hehe.
orang gilak cakap sama batu =D
Waiting for TransPerth train to Warwick.

  • Aber, I still find the Indonesians are the most polite und warm people I've ever met. Nothing beats them, not even the Japanese. Australians are nice but they are not that warm. Just like most Malaysians, polite aber not warm. 
  • Some Muslim Malay Malaysian workers in Insan Cafe, Perth are not that warm too. They didn't greet us like we are one of them. I guess they are just too proud of having a restaurant in Perth. I had a chat with one of their customers, a 70 plus year old lady. She complained to me that the food she had was tasteless. Surprisingly, she is a Malay lady who has been living in Perth for 40 years. She speaks good Malay with no English words in between her sentences. Due to that, she deserves a respect from me.  
  • That reminds me of a friend of mine who used to study in England. The last time I met her, she didn't speak a word of Malay to me at all! Haha. 
  • Other than that, the food in Perth is somehow pricey compared to UK. A roll of lamb kebab is AUS$9.80 = RM31.16 aber in UK a lamb kebab is only about £4 = RM20. Two pieces of uncooked salmon fillet is priced at approximately AUS$13 = RM41.34 aber in UK is only £6 = RM30. 
  • If your kids have big appetite, you might want to consider sending them to UK instead of OZ to pursue their degree =) Hehe. 
The Bell Tower, Perth. 

  • More to type aber I need to run some errands. InshaAllah will upload more photos und share more info about Perth. 
  • Someone might migrate to Perth ;-)

  • Breaking news: Syahmi's maternal grandfather is now in ICU. He has been ill since the past 2 months. Please make Dua for his recovery. Danke schon. 
  • Before I left for Perth, I managed to pay him a visit und gave him a couple of massages together with my dearest husband und my mom in law. 
  • My mom in law spent the whole day looking after atuk. She takes turns with her other siblings in caring for atuk. May Allah reward all of you with goodness. 
Darling Syahmi massaging atuk, the UMNO man =)
Yes, his grandfather was a ketua pemuda UMNO years ago.
Even though I am not fond of UMNO, that doesn't cause me
to have hatred towards atuk. Atuk remembers me. He even knows my name.
He always remind his grandchildren including me to at least own a piece of land.
With that comes his political reasonings :) Funny atuk.
My mom in law (right) looks so much like her father.
This was taken a week ago while atuk was still in Kajang.
Aber now he is warded in a hospital in Melaka.
May Allah ease your pain, atuk.

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