Finally Back Into The Sale's Office

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

  • I was feeling all drowsy on Monday due to the hot weather und I was away on Tuesday sending my parents to LCCT. Yes, auf wiedersehen to MAS. Not that I really fancy AirAsia especially their flight attendants in revealing clothes (of course I'm referring to the ladies). I always pray to Allah to not let the plane crash while I'm in it. After all, the innocents do get affected as well. Ehem. 

  • Well here I am, in my office chair working on The Sale as usual. Just done creating discount poster. Alhamdulillah. Please share with your family, friends and acquaintances about The Sale. May Allah reward all of you with goodness. 
The book I got for AUS$8.80

  • I bought myself a secondhand book at a cosy secondhand book shop in Murray St. Just to keep myself busy while waiting for my flight back home. I paid AUS$8.80 instead of AUS$25.99. I know it was still kind of expensive for a secondhand aber I just love the shop that I don't mind supporting them. It's a good book but not that great. I managed to finish reading it in 3 nights. 
  • When there were about a hundred pages left before I hit the back cover, I asked for another second hand book from Syahmi. Since he works near a huge shopping mall, I guess it is easier for him to scout for a second hand bookshop in the mall. Not knowing that the next day, he posted on his YM oder something, asking his colleagues whether they know any second hand bookshops around.
  • Well, all of that happened on the past Tuesday. Und guess what, he came home with a secondhand book yesterday evening (Wednesday)! 
Syahmi : Do you remember your customer S. Rafida?
Ayla      : Yes. 
Syahmi : She gave you a book.
Ayla     : Really?! =) 
Syahmi : I wanted to pay for it but dia tak mau.
Ayla     : Please forward my thanks to her. 
S. Rafida, if you're reading this, danke schon und jazakAllah Khayr! =)

We saw the movie 1408 =)

  • It might means nothing to you lot but it means a lot to me. Receiving goods from Allah s.w.t. thru someone else is indeed special. S. Rafida gave me a novel of 14 dark tales by the famous author, Stephen King. One of my cousins is Stephen's loyal reader aber I never once read his book, not until last night. 
  • I am not an avid reader of science fiction but hey who cares, once in awhile does no harm eyh =) S. Rafida even marked the best tale for me to read first before I indulge myself with the other tales. 
  • Syahmi even downloaded an application of free online story books for me in his Sony tablet. Awesome! But I have to admit that it is quite eye straining reading from a tablet. Due to that, I still prefer books ;) 
I'm good at reading maps too! =)

My 3 year old niece, Almira Alhassan Alayoubi has been learning Arabic with her parents, especially with her mom.
Almira : Kerusi, kursiyun. 
Ayla: Meja?
Almira: Maktabun, meja. 
Ayla : Mama in arabic is umi.
Almira : Abah dalam Arab apa? 
Ayla: (ok kenapa Iya tanya ni dekat aunty! Oh my. Mula I fikir anak-anak kawan I yang maknya sekolah arab panggil bapa apa..) Abi!
Almira: Abi ... =D (as usual if she finds it funny, she'll show all of her white teeth to me.)

Balik terus I google father in arabic apa, Walid. Ada my friend keturunan arab panggil bapa dia Abuya. 

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