Forever Young

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.
  • Alhamdulillah. Syahmi is now a year wiser. 
  • Age comes with responsibility.
  • It is indeed true. 
  • On his birthday, he received an e-mail from the vendor's solicitor saying sort of like this:
    "Your house keys are ready to be collected."
  • Since Syahmi was at work, I went to collect the bunch of keys alone aber I literally told Syahmi that the solicitor postponed our meeting to Monday. 
  • Pergh! Due to that, Syahmi arrived home sulking!
My lemon meringue pie baking in the oven.
I brought 4 slices to give Syahmi's siblings und parents to taste aber I could see that
none of them like the taste of the meringue. Maybe they are not used to having meringue
as dessert =( Thought of preparing another pie for Mr. Josey und family but I didn't manage
to do that due to the lack of time.

  • To lower his blood pressure due to the negative news he obtained from me, I presented him my home made lemon meringue pie. He had two slices y'all!
  • I'd been studying the recipe for a week. In fact, I studied the whole menu for his humble home birthday party. 
  • With all the steps in head, I managed to prepare these:
    1. Rosemary roast chicken
    2. Sloppy Joes
    3. Garlic bread
    4. Steamed asparagus, broccoli und carrots
    5. Shitake mushroom sauce
    6. Mashed potato with parsley
  • Mama und the birthday guy did help me out in the kitchen. Danke schon!
Excuse me, the baby was not part of the menu =)
I prepared garlic butter with parsley und rosemary butter prior to
roasting chicken. Syahmi und I loveeeee green vege. Especially asparagus und
broccoli. Not forgetting Sawi. Aber I don't like carrots!
Creamy shitake mushroom with ground mustard gravy.
Ni bangsa tak ada civic. Hahahaha.
Sebab lapar sangat, sampai tak menyempat nak transfer mashed potato to serving plate.
Syahmi helped me with this. He mashed mashed und mashed kilos of potatoes
by using a fork aje =)

  • Alhamdulillah, everybody did enjoy the time we had together. I love having my loved ones around. Aber Azeem, bapak und Aunt Lisa were not with us to celebrate. Well, we managed to skype after dinner =)
  • Syahmi after tunjuk house keys, baru lonjak. Pergh!
  • To mama, uncle wan, sis shida, abang, almira und amir, danke schon! Thank you very much for your help, support und time. May Allah reward all of you with goodness.
My husband is still young. Und will always be younger than me =)
To babe, again, Happy Birthday, Happy Ice Cream Cake To You (Baskin Robbins theme song. haha.) Wishing you all the best in life und hope that you will always have the strength to tolerate my behaviour. You deserve more than what me und our family had given you aber I believe that the fruits do come in stages. InshaAllah the rest will come soon. For now, with Allah's will, lets together have fun but not get stressed out in refurbishing our new home =) May Allah s.w.t. bless you, me und our family.

It was already 1a.m. und he refused to sleep.
Mending with his birthday gifts ;-) To mama, his pocket is now stuffed
with your present. Semalam dia atur-atur cards dengan cermat =)
Cuba balik nanti ma tanya dia yang lama dekat mana. Hehe.

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