Hazel Or White

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Reading her book at Tok Mama's.
Ayla : Siapa buat spider?
Almira : Allah ;)
Ayla : Almira, siapa buat Aunty?
Almira : Allah ;)

  • Yesterday, I took a cab to a mall nearby Syahmi's office. The cab driver was so chatty.
    Driver : Akak nak pergi shopping ke?
    Ayla    : Nak pergi jumpa suami.
    Driver : Hah?! Saya tak faham lah. Kenapa tak jumpa dekat rumah??
    Ayla    : (Are you serious?!)

    Minutes later . . .

    Driver : Akak tak kerja ke kak?
    Ayla    : Hari ni cuti.
    Driver : Oh saya ingatkan kak untung dah tak payah kerja suami mampu.
    Ayla    : InshaAllah esok lusa saya berhenti kerja.
    Driver : Oh dah nak berhenti dah?!

  • I find it funny when people are too curious about someone that they really show their witty facial expression =)
  • Aber Almira facial expressions are more humorous! Take a look at the photos below. Haha. 
Her morning smile =)


Haha lidah pendek =p

I asked Almira to pura pura ketawa. Haha!

  • We went to design our kitchen cabinets yesterday und it never occurred to me that we would have different taste!
    Ayla : Alright here's a deal, you can have your favorite cabinets BUT you have to prepare all meals; lunch, breakfast, dinner etc.
    Syahmi : Apa pula?! Ok fine. In that case you can have your cabinets and you have to prepare all meals!
    Ayla      : Deal!
    Syahmi : (mute and muka tak puas hati)
    Ayla     : Aha! I don't mind =D Hahahahahaha
    Syahmi: Ok ok why don't we have, one side your cabinets and the other side mine? Haha.
    Ayla     : Hoho!

  • My funny husband =) We even exchanged thoughts in the planning area like it was no body business! Even an actress was the one who had been secretly looking at us instead of the other way round. I was too busy getting silly with my husband that I didn't notice her not until minutessss later.
  • That was when I took a slight glance to the left that our eyes met for a second. Oh I told myself that I've seen her before, on t.v. I told my husband aber he has no idea at all. I don't even know her name! Hehe. 

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