I Look Up To You

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

  • You know, every time when we converse about social problems we would end up with, "Everything starts from home."
  • Well some parents did their very best in nurturing their offspring aber these kids are just being ungrateful und deliberately caging up their positive behaviours.
  • Now who is at fault?
The meticulous dad shopping for eggs.
Is there such thing as healthy oil? Yes aber I'm not telling you what.
Hahahaha =D

  • In Islam, when we have reached puberty, we are responsible upon ourselves despite the never ending responsibilities our parents have towards us. There is no need to play the blaming game since we are indeed responsible. 
  • If your parents are divorced und you decided to mix with the wrong group, do not give excuses such as:
    1. Mom's not home. No one is fixing my dinner. Better of having dinner with you lot. 
    2. You guys make my day. Laughter is not possible at home. Mom's busy crying.
    3. Awkward living with dad alone. Hence getting wild with you lot is far better than listening to his pep talk.
  • Like seriously? I thought you have akal that allows you to differentiate between what's good und what's not. You're not 6 year old to be giving such nonsense excuses. 
  • Unless if your parents oder guardians are exercising domestic violence . . . 
  • That would then be a different story.
I bought Almira a Play-Doh set. She enjoys extracting the doh out of its noodle machine.
Amir loves to squeeze the doh with his tiny fingers.
I made a worm (the one in brown with green stripes).
Not long after that, Almira put her slim green worm next to mine =D
Not forgetting her pink rose (the one without leaves).
Once I'm done making that currypuff, Almira put her other big yellow worm on top of the other worms.
Haha =D Tak nak kalah.

  •  I went to have dinner with my parents last night. We sat next to a table of a mom und her 15 year old or so teenage daughter (I suppose). The daughter was wearing a t-shirt und a pair of super short shorts, revealing her beautiful legs. If she were to bend down, oh my . . . Allah knows what we might able to see. 
  • The kind of shorts that majority of Chinese ladies wear, thinking in mind that that is their "casual wear" oder something. 
  • I am not being racist here alright aber I'm stating fact. If you don't trust me, please drag yourself to Sunway Pyramid. Oh Allah.
  • Back to the story. Guess what, the mom was dressed modestly with a kind of loose hijab, covering 95% of her hair. So now the question is, who is at fault that the teenage girl dressed the way she did last night?
  • I don't blame the mom.
  • The teenage girl had an almost perfect role model right in front of her aber she refused to extract positive messages from her mom's appearance.
The senior engineer who knows how to break-dance.
To hire him please call me.
We charge RM700 per hour =D

  • I was once a teenage girl. I do regret for not seeing things earlier and I don't want you to be like me.
  • The best role model is definitely, Rasulullah s.a.w. Lets together read more about him und on how he treated others so dearly. 
  • I'm going to prepare myself a big breakfast. Tchuss. 
  • Salam Jumaat.

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