It Is Phenomenal

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Syahmi was excited too!

  • We went to Ikhwan's wedding reception in Perak yesterday. Syahmi drove all the way from Ooobang with intervals of wiping his wet palms on his jeans. That is a sign of him being excited oder nervous. =)
  • The wedding reception was a simple one aber meriah! Simple simple pun got boxes of Pizza were served as well ok~ Not forgetting, chicken satay, ice cream und such. Alhamdulillah und danke schon. Alright enough about the food. Hehe. 
  • Ikhwan was Syahmi's housemate back in Southampton. He went a year earleir to pursue his studies in Soton. If I'm not mistaken, Ikhwan was the one who came to Heathrow to fetch Syahmi und the other scholars. They instantly became friends. 
  • They still keep in touch even though Syahmi had moved out from that house to live with his wife (yes me. hehe). Und during our final year, Ikhwan was already working in Kuantan. 
  • It sounds easy to keep the ukhuwah going aber not that many have the time to do so. Once you start to work, there are just reasons for you not to be able to visit others oder even answer calls/reply text messages. 
Lets focus on little Umar. He was forced by his father to look straight. Haha.
If not.....

.... he adored the newly weds. Hehe :)

  • I don't normally snap photos at weddings aber I did yesterday =) I'm sure that the people in my photos don't mind having their faces appear on this blog. 
  • The four guys are best friends I suppose und their wives don't mind getting to know one another. I got to know Umar's mom in depth lepas kahwin. Back in England, Umar's parents visited us in our tiny flat frequently. We even went outing quite a number of times together.
  • We had tea, lunch und even late supper together during weekends. I still remember serving them mee kari at 11 p.m. in cold winter. At that time Umar was still in his mom's womb  =) 
  • I love having people at my home, at anytime, any hour. 
  • ;-)
One of our outings in England.
From left: Umar's mom, yours truly und Daniel's mom.
Daniel's mom will soon deliver her 2nd child.
So when are you two ladies free? Lets go for an outing again shall we?
I heard that Legoland is now open in Johor. The kids might love that place eyh ;-)

  • We are glad that Ikhwan has finally found someone to share his life with. 
  • Praying that the both of them will have a phenomenal life und may Allah s.w.t showers them with happiness und lots of gorgeous children =)
  • Amin.

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