Making Deals With Allah s.w.t.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

  • Syahmi showed me a video of Ustaz Zaharuddin sharing about Abu Dahdah. The video was edited by our friend, Rodhi Rejab. 
  • I first met Rodhi when I was in England. He came to me und said Salam while I was on my way to a bus stop. I first thought that he was a phD student aber I was wrong. When I was in my final year, he shared und distributed a video about Islam on Facebook. From there, my husband noticed his interest in editing videos for great purposes.
  • Rodhi was then invited to share his experience und thoughts in running Keep It Simple Production last night in my husbands weekly knowledge circle. It is a circle formed by my husband und his friends where they share knowledge und ideas on a weekly basis. 
  • I find it brilliant to have such circle where people from various backgrounds share thoughts on Islam related issues. I believe that they do walk their talk. 
  • Below are a few videos edited by Mr. Rodhi Rejab. Please spend some time to watch these videos. 
  • May Allah s.w.t. opens up our hearts in accepting our duty as khalifahs.
  • May Allah s.w.t. guides und protects us all the way in carrying out our duty as khalifahs. 

A comment sent form one guy from Siraajunmuneer:
A shorter version of the hadith is from
Musnad Ahmad (146/3) and also been related by al Baghawy and Hakim from Anas r.a. Same story. Only the name Abu Lubabah was not mentioned. The direct translation for Ha’it is wall but it can also mean garden, and this is a better meaning as been explained by An-Nawawy.
  • Please excuse the grammatical errors made in the video above. InshaAllah you will be able to extract the moral of the story no matter what. 
  • To Rodhi Rejab, may Allah s.w.t. reward you with goodness. 
  • Danke schon for sharing. 

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