Millionaires' Row

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

  • Assuming that she'll spend her first year in an international school oder Islamic english medium school, I asked her:
Ayla     : Almira, nanti if you go to school your friends speak English with you then how? Lets say, if kawan tanya, what is your name? What will you answer?
Almira : Ooo ooo oh my English. (followed by her huge grin)
Ayla     : How old are you?
Almira : Why I you? (again showing me her white teeth while refusing to give me the proper answer)

  • That is the intelligent und cheeky girl whom I love the most. My one and only niece, Almira Alhassan Alayoubi. She brightens up my day with her jokes. She is totally aware of the jokes she has been making. She loves to tease people especially her Tok Mama und I. 
  • After about 10 days of not seeing the little munchkins, alhamdulillah I got the chance to spend some time with them this morning. Amir Albanna is taller aber skinnier than before. I managed to have serious conversations with Almira aber I don't think it is suitable to share with you lot at the moment =)


  • So last Friday my father decided to take a cruise to Fremantle. Instead of just paying AUS$3.80 per person (by TransPerth train) he paid AUS$25 per person for a one way cruise ride. He said he wanted to enjoy the beautiful scenery und also to witness the millionaires' row in Perth. He told me that Perth has the most self made millionaires per capita. 
  • Millionaires' row is basically where the multi millionaires und billionaires live. If not live, the properties there are definitely theirs. These properties have phenomenal views of the Swan River und if lucky enough, together with the city skyline on the opposite side of the river. 
  • So we did cruise along the millionaires' row und we were introduced by the tour guide to a huge house that's worth approximately AUS$ 60mil = RM 191mil. Once I saw that almost perfect house, I immediately make Doa to Allah so that He'll spare me a perfect house in Jannah =) I don't think I'll be able to afford that kind of home in this world. 
Yes, the AUS$60 mil house.
Aunt Lisa tanya berapa banyak maids nak kena ada to maintain the house?
Haha. Lebih ramai maids dari family members yang tinggal dalam rumah tu kot. 
Nampak boat yang kanan sekali tu? Hah yang boat sebelah kiri dia tu bukan I punya =)

  • It doesn't matter now. My husband is so reluctant to leave Malaysia behind. He has his own agenda aber I hope he takes into account his wife's missions und visions too. 
  • The Captain Cook cruise continued cruising down the Swan River where other detached houses can be seen. Bapak asked us to choose which house is the finest und which one is more practical for a small family of lets say 3. Such a fun game, where all of us were allowed to dream living in such homes while pointing out which boats are ours =) 
which one is adik und which one is abang? =p phhbbtt!

Nampak tak boat yang tengah tu? Boat yang belakang boat tu I tak tahu siapa punya =)

  • Moga Allah memberi kesenangan kepada semua yang senantiasa meningati-Nya dan juga berjuang demi Allah dan Islam. Kesenangan dari segi pemikiran, kesihatan, harta, bijak pandai, keluarga, keimanan dan segala-galanya. 
  • Allah yang Maha Pemurah dan mengetahui segala yang tersurat dan tersirat. 
  • Jika kita mempunyai wang yang banyak, maka Allah sedang melihat kita beraksi dengan wangNya. Adakah kita memberi? 
  • Jika kita tidak mempunyai wang, Allah sedang melihat kita beraksi mencari keredhaanNya. Adakah kita bersyukur?
MashaAllah. Allahu yaRabb. B E A U T ful!
This is real. I captured this at AQWA. 

  • Guess di mana millionaires' row di Malaysia?
  • I don't bother.
  • =)

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