One Way Ticket To Mars

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

  • After performing solat, I read news on Yahoo. I stumbled upon a news about One Way Ticket To Mars. 
  • Anyone? Ada beran? =)
  • You just need to have a vision und a lot of cash. 
I love you curly haired girl!

  • Last Monday, I had the chance to have a long chat with Gading Kencana Managing Director's two lovely daughters. Amani und Aqilah are so down to earth despite how well their parents are doing in their business. 
  • They both came to my house to pick up some stuffs from The Sale. Aber the mood was so pleasant that we ended up sharing stories und opinions. Amani shared with me that their parents do not shower them with $. They do provide everything but not to the extend of "Hey look at me, I'm driving a BMW." 
  • Then I asked had they encountered with such cocky/boastful people, they then immediately said "Yessssss."

  • This is one of the issues that I really do not understand. Why can't we all be modest? 
  • You see the trend now is, those who have rich parents tend to be more down to earth, sensible und sane compared to those who are struggling to earn more $ und to be more sophisticated. 
  • While some people with super rich parents are just too blinded by their parents' wealth that they don't even know the name of Malaysian made cars. 
  • We know that you are sons/daughters of wealthy people aber please do not appear as you are unintelligent.
  • Amani, Aqilah und I then agreed that we do respect rich human sapiens if they are not boastful und pretentious. One may drive a McLaren aber do not drive with a "hey I can afford to have one but not you. haha. losers." facial expression!  
Inexpensive accessories available on The Sale.

  • Aqilah then shared with me about hotel dining rates. Since she is involved in organizing a big event for her club, she had to scout around for hotels und halls. She said that Grand Dorsett Ooobang (a hotel near to our homes) is charging more than RM100 per head if I'm not mistaken. She immediately expressed her detestation to that ridiculous rate. 
  • I have always thought that most ladies do not mind paying such amount to have fine dining in hotels except me. I was indeed surprised that these children of respectable people are in the same boat as me! 
  • A few of my friends und acquaintances love to spend a lot for hotels buffet und such. Especially in Ramadhan where I used to get a lot of invitations but now not as much as before. I guess they already know that yours truly are not willing to spend such amount on a plate or two of food. Hopefully they do not think that I am a cheapskate. Haha. 
Like seriously, do hotels have this luscious soup?
I have always felt that hotels serve good deserts but not main dishes.

  • Kalau buffet RM40 -RM50 boleh di consider. Ni kalau per head RM120, tang mana yang I makan sampai RM120! Paling paling 5 course meal yang larat telan within 1 hour pun tak sampai RM30 per head kan. Tu pun dah kenyang siap burp burp lagi. 
  • Kalau RM120 comes with 2 glasses of great quality wine ok juga. Ni wine pun haram paling-paling air dia serve, mango juice, watermelon juice und Coke. Tu je modalnya. Coke berapa sen lah sangat...
  • Kalau di Ar-Rawsha, a jug of freshly squeezed strawberry juice baru RM50. Ok lah, boleh minum puas 6 orang und strawberries di Malaysia ni pun mahal. Tambah pula dengan profit untuk Ar-Rawsha, kira worth lah kan. 
My elder brother pun tak nak showers his children with $.
Not everything yang Almira minta, dia dapat.
Mana taknya, Almira nampak advert smart phone dalam newspaper,
terus dia minta bapak dia beli one for her.
"Abah Iya nak ni otay?"

My father pun sama. Mana tumpahnya kuah kalau tak ke nasi.
Dari dulu kalau I perlu something and tak cukup duit nak beli guna duit sendiri,
I akan minta tolong bapak. Soalan wajib dia tanya ialah:
1) Perlu ke barang tu? 2) Apa faedahnya ada barang tu?
MD Uniway and MD Gading Kencana memiliki perwatakan yang amat berbeza
tetapi bab mengajar anak untuk tidak boros dan menghargai rezeki Allah s.w.t. tetap sama.

  • No, I don't blame you for having such expensive taste aber lets together be wise.
  • I admit that sometimes I do have dinner at hotels aber I don't spend RM100 per head. Be sensible und be wise. Houses are more expensive than before. Make sure that you fill in your "house piggy bank" before you spend RM100 on a plate of yee mee.   
  • Or perhaps you want to start saving for that One Way Ticket To Mars?

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