A Table For Two

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Almira's new pose. Oh Lord. I do not know where did she copy the pose from.
Remember her action hero pose last month? Now this. Such a funny little girl.
I said, "Almira, come lets take a photo. We show Tok Abah of you wearing the dress he bought."
She immediately gave me that pose. Haiya!
  • Remember Aqilah, the one I mentioned in one of my previous entries : One Way Ticket To Mars ? Yes, she ran a restaurant last night at UiTM Hotel. I was invited for a 5 course meal dinner together with my husband, Syahmi. 
The UiTM hotel. Where culinary students run practical servings in one of the restaurants, Meranti Restaurant.
  • For appetizer: We had mixed beans with lovely vinaigrette aber the pastry was a little bit hard rock. Then we were served with a bowl of beef consomme each. The broth was good und not salty. 
  • For the main: We had tandoori chicken with pita bread top with tasty vegetable tagliatelle. The chicken was succulent und not forgetting the thick curry gravy, something new und the chef really did justice to the meal. 
  • Aqilah was the manager of the night hence she was not involved in the kitchen. Aber she told me that she created a drink called Cinderella. It's a mixture of ginger ale, pineapple juice, etc. Syahmi instantly loved it. I myself am a fan of ginger ale und I thought that it was a brilliant thing to have it mixed with other juices. Well done Aqilah!
The slice of orange jumped out of the glass.
Probably it couldn't stand the lime light. =D

  • I had caramel pudding with a hint of coffee for dessert while Syahmi had a piece of dark brownie. It was my first time eating coffee caramel pudding und I find it interesting. Other than the normal taste of caramel, the coffee managed to create a different experience to my pallet.
  • I ended my dinner with a cup of tea without sugar. Such a bliss.
I super love blueberries.
It would be lovely if you had had added more berries on the pudding specially for me =)
  • I really hope that our comments will help Aqilah und her team. The dinner service reminds me of Gordon Ramsay t.v. shows entitled F Word und Hells Kitchen.
  • I did plan to create a scene at the restaurant ie. walk off with unsatisfied facial expression oder something. Like what customers did in Hells Kitchen. Hahaha =D Aber our waiter was so nice! Hafiz if I'm not mistaken. Such a polite und well mannered man. Bravo to you. 
  • Overall, I did enjoy the experience und I bet my husband too. 
  • He yawned all the way on our way home. A sign of how satisfied he was with the dinner. Aqilah und her team managed to make my husband slept soundly last night. Danke schon ;)

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