Tanya Sama Itu Hud Hud

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

  • Ada hikmahnya Allah s.w.t. mencipta ku lahir di Kelantan dan menetap di Ooobang. Supaya dapat ku empathy dengan nasib-nasib rakyat Kelantan didalam menentang pihak pembangkang.
  • Siapa pembangkang?
  • Dua kawasan yang berbeza surrounding, culture, pace of life, standard of living etc. yang perlu ku faham und adapt. Tapi yang boleh dikatakan sama, pemikiran terhadap Islam. 
  • Yes, kalau di Kelantan (bak kata orang luar, negeri miskin), pihak pembangkang adalah BN. Haha!
  • Kalau di Ooobang (bak kata orang luar, kawasan elite), pihak pembangkang juga BN. Haha!
  • Maka terbuktilah bahawa susun atur hidupku ini memang dari kuasa Allah s.w.t. 
Ada yang bangsa kaki shopping aje. Sampai keutamaan membantu Islam diketepikan.
Lets together kita cuba balance kan cara hidup kita.
Jangan nanti bila kita ditanya tentang general knowledge, dalam kepala kita hanya ada
London, Paris, Milan, Louboutin, Chanel etc.
Das ist nicht gut.

  • I was once like you, refused to take part in being a true khalifah. I was not interested at all in helping anyone to make sure that Islam rules our country. I used to have a great luxurious life provided by Allah s.w.t. thru both of my parents. I was so comfortable in that beautiful zone of mine that I was unable to see the real side of Malaysia.
  • I do not encourage anyone to support any specific political party, aber I do urge everyone including the non-muslims to support those who want good governance ie. Islam sebagai tunjang pimpinan. 
  • To the non-muslims, I can assure you that Islam does take great care of you lot. It does not mean that you are forced to embrace Islam, und you still have the rights to practice your religion oder rituals. 
  • For that to achieve, our next leader must be the one who understands und practices Islam as a whole. 
  • Allah s.w.t. takes care of everyone who does good. If you are not a muslim aber you help other people und always do good, my God cares for you too. If you believe that muslims have nothing else but Allah s.w.t. und with that you are willing to help the muslims in winning a battle for Islam, inshaAllah you'll receive a reward from Allah s.w.t. too!
  • Therefore do not be afraid. Allah s.w.t. has provided us with clear rules und guidelines. If we follow exactly what He says, inshaAllah there will be no war und no hatred. 
Amir's standard facial expression.

  •  Not everybody in a political party behaves appropriately. Aber do not let that few mules stop you from supporting Islam. Hey, the reality now is, not every muslim practices Islam! That is a fact. 
  • Memang betul lah nila setitik, rosak susu sebelanga. Aber we have brains to think und differentiate. Lets together use our akal to make decisions und judgements. Do not let our emotions take control of our actions. 
  • Do not be afraid of Islam. 

I asked her to smile aber she gave me this instead. T_T
Again, Amir . . .  haih. Dah give up dah nak suruh dia tunjuk perasaan.
  • If you don't believe me that Allah s.w.t. cares for everyone who does good including the none muslims, you can ask a Hud Hud bird (hoopoe).

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