Time Is Up

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

  • We don't know when is our time to leave all of our things und family behind, ie. pass on. I usually find it difficult to go to sleep when the word death plays actively in my head. Of course I wonder on how will my life ends. 
  • I do not wish to burden anyone und I don't want to have regrets. Aber I still need to put effort in making sure that everything will be fine, will be fine.
  • You know, when you grow old, your body doesn't seem to function as well as it used to be. Some say that you'll end up like a little child, need help und assistance to do everything. From feeding to bathing. Well it is not your fault that you end up being dependent on others. 
  • So when you grow old, who is going to care for you?
Unconditional love.
She loves all of her children regardless of their poor behaviour.

  • About a year ago, my father had this worry of not having any of his children to care for him when he becomes weak, sick und fragile. At one point it came to my mind that who on earth would leave his/her parents behind? 
  • Soon, reality hits me when I found out that there are people who do not know their responsibilities towards their parents. 
  • No wonder bapak was und is worried about this matter. 
  • I had a long chat about caring for the elderly with my dear husband, Syahmi last night:
Syahmi: No wonder Allah s.w.t. menekankan bersedekah kepada ahli keluarga dahulu before orang lain. 
Ayla     : And why exactly you say that?
Syahmi: Sedekah not just in the sense of giving money. Menjaga ahli keluarga yang in need dengan ikhlas pun sedekah. Ganjaran nya besar bersedekah ni. 
Ayla     : True true. At the same time boleh rapatkan silaturahim.
Syahmi : Correct .. .. (und he goes on).

InshaAllah we will gather like this again once Azeem's home alright =)

  • Now I understand what bapak feels. 
  • To all of my parents, if I am still in Malaysia, inshaAllah I will try my best to care for the whole lot of you.
  • I just need ample time to plan und execute. Aber please, listen to me like I have been listening to you lot. Hehe =D :
    If I say that you need to seek the GP, then please do not say NO.
    If I ask you to live with me either in Malaysia or some other countries, please do not say NO.
    If I ask you to cut down on your carb in take, please do not say NO.
    If I ask you to exercise, please do not say NO.
  • These are all for your own good. I know that my parents will not have the empathy since they never care for elderly family. Opps mom is doing it now! She has been helping her elder sister since last Sunday. Bravo ma! 
  • Mesti semua takut nak I jaga lepas baca benda hijau atas ni. Hahahahahaha =D Pernah one time I said that to my mom, and then dia terus nak duduk rumah orang tua. Lagilah I marah. Cepat norr nak merajuk tanpa nak periksa kebaikan kata-kata I tu. Now hopefully dia faham kenapa I minta dia ikut cakap I selepas dia ada experience jaga Cik Arah. 
  • =)
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