What Lies In The Future For Us?

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

  • The one thing that gets me chills up to my spine is death. I always wonder how my life will end. 
Amir Albanna is more active than before. 

Amboi. What a slim Ultraman eyh. Even Amir is bigger than the superhero on t.v.

The selamba boy. 
  • The photos above were captured by Almira Alhassan Alayoubi. She would shout for her brother to look at the camera, "Adik! Adik! Adik Amir!"
  • Amir Albanna loves to sit und do things with his sister. He sits quietly next to Almira whenever he wants to have a look at what his sister's doing with her iPad. 
  • Whenever Almira plays a game oder watches home videos, he will climb onto her to join in the fun. 
Ayla : Almira still lapar?
Almira : (Nodded her head. She ate 2/3 of the Time Out that her Tok Abah had given her earlier on.)
Ayla : Iya nak kari puff?
Almira: Nak! ;) 
She took a big bite und instantly made a funny facial expression, telling me that she didn't like the taste. She handed the left over puff to me. I fed Amir Albanna that same puff. Hahaha. 
Ayla : Iya nak lagi?
Almira : No thank you.
  • What a polite way to say no. The first time I heard a 3 year old kid saying no in a polite manner. Ke benda ni biasa? Maybe. I don't really play with other kids other than these two munchkins. Haha. Sebab biasanya I nampak budak-budak buat tak tahu bila ditanya or they will reply "Tak nak!" 
  • Kids will definitely imitate their parents. From body gestures to the way they speak.  In Almira's case, she is definitely a clown, just like her father =D 
  • Whenever she sees Afdlin Shauki on t.v. she will say out loud, "Abah! Abah!" 

Instead of carving names on trees, they wrote on these tiles. 

If you want to have this at your place, make sure that you use
permanent ink und water resistant. 

  • I really don't know what will happen in the future. Aber I have my own plans. I have trained myself to not be disappointed if I can't really execute my plans. Well years ago, I used to be so depressed when things did not go my way. At the end of the day, being depressed brought nothing good to me und my family. 
  • What lies ahead in the future are surprises. 
  • I love surprises. Aber the good ones =)
What was left for me to munch und drink while waiting to be reunited with Syahmi. Haha.
  • Moga segala tindak tanduk kita pada hari ini membawa kebahagian dan kesenangan sepanjang hayat dan juga membawa perkara positive menanti kita di masa hadapan. 
  • Jaga pertuturan, jaga tingkah laku. 
  • We are being watched 24/7. 

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