Aunty Ayla, Kenapa?

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

  • Finally I got to experience living with the two munchkins for more than 36 hours. They were with me most of the time. Even though I did not change their diapers, prepared their milk etc. I was indeed, exhausted. 
  • Don't get me wrong. I was positively exhausted. Hehe.
  • Aber all worth it =) Alhamdulillah.
  • Oh now I slightly have a bit of empathy towards mommies.
She lovesss Minnie Mouse.
I asked her to choose only one cartoon character that she loves aber she said,
Almira: No 1 tapi dua je ok. Minnie and purple.
Purple means Daisy Duck.
Almira oh Almira....

Surprisingly, Amir Albanna stayed longer on the organ compared to his sister.
Amir was all excited and he even hummed the tune he played!
Not forgetting his cheeky dance.
Allahu ya Rabb, what a brilliant boy.

  • I went out to get some food for the kids at around 8:15 am. About 20minutes after we had our breakfast, I took the kids to the park in front of Tok Mama's.
  • Almira got her pink Minnie Mouse cap on und excitedly ran for the colorful slides. Aber Amir showed no excitement oder interest. He quietly sat on k.Wati's lap with two fingers in his mouth.
  • When we arrived home from the park, I explained to Almira that I needed to do some work.
    Ayla: Alright Almira. Aunty nak buat work kejap ok.
    Almira: Work apa aunty?
    Ayla: Work aunty dekat this computer alright. You watch Minnie on my handphone first. We will do something later on alright.
    Almira: Ok. Aunty Ayla, macam mana nak eja Mickey?
  • She asked because she wanted to google for mickey herself. Minutes later, we did an activity together. I got a small blank canvas and gave it to her so that she could paint something for her dad. Something that her dad can bring with him whenever he goes out traveling. She insisted to paint her family.
    Almira: Iya nak lukis mama, abah, Iya, and adik Amir.

sketching her mama

her mama =)

Painting abah's hair,

her chubby thumb =)
Her special gift to Mr. Josey, with love.

  • Then I took the kids and their nanny out for lunch und groceries shopping. I even took them to the post office with me =D 
  • Almira was all sleepy that on our way home, she managed to sleep all the way.
  • About 15 minutes after arriving home, she woke up from her short nap and came into my bedroom.
    Almira: Aunty Ayla buat apa?
    Ayla: Buat work, Almira :) Almira go to sleep ok.
    Almira: No. Iya tak nak sleep. Iya nak watch Mickey.
    Ayla: Ok.
  • I gave her my phone for her to watch Mickey on my bed. Tak lama lepas tu I heard....
    Almira: Hotdog~~hotdog~~
    Ayla: Iya nyanyi hotdog?
    Almira: Yes =)
    Ayla: Funny lah Iya!
    Almira: Aunty go lah do work.
    Ayla: Iya halau aunty?!
    Almira: Ye lah Iya halau ni.
  • Ayla ni pun satu. Budak tu nak nyanyi lagu hotdog by Mickey Mouse, you kacau. Kan dah kena halau. 
  • Minutes later, we did another activity together. This time she wanted to give something special to her mother. I helped her to make this:
a special handmade pen holder for her mama.
she glued the butterfly herself
she glued the beads herself.
oh yes i trusted her to deal with the uhu glue while i went to the loo.
minutes later she knocked on the bathroom door saying,
Almira: Iya nak wash hand. Dirty.
Ada rambut melekat kat jari dia and uhu dah kering.
Hahahahahaha =D

She did the hearts using my art glue.
the humble almira alhassan alayoubi

  •  Almira managed to bake her own cookies later in the evening. I did not capture any photos of her at work und her cookies. We did a lot of activities together yesterday. Alhamdulillah. May she continues growing to become smarter und wiser. 
  • Pagi tadi bangun,
    Almira: Aunty buat apa?
    Ayla: Aunty buat work.
    Almira: Kenapa aunty work?
    Ayla: Sebab tu work aunty that's why aunty yang kena buat.
    Almira: Kenapa aunty kena buat work?
    Ayla: Sebab nanti aunty boring. Sebab tu aunty work.

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