For That, I Thank You

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

  • Danke schon babe for being so understanding und your unconditional love. Aber most importantly, for helping me to see things that I failed to see before. 
Duriannnnn! =D 

  • On the first night of our marriage, Syahmi reminded me on how important it is for me to cover my aurat/aurah when und where necessary. He said it gently followed by a smile und I didn't have any reasons to rebel. 
  • Not long after that, everything came to sense. I got the picture in my head that, revealing aurat/aurah is just as bad as gulping down alcohol. Revealing aurat/aurah is just as bad as abusing a child. 
  • What I'm trying to say here is, revealing aurat/aurah to the non mahram is haram. Just as haram as consuming alcohol. Just as haram as torturing others. 
  • Aber it is something that some muslims still have no guilt for revealing their aurat/aurah.
  • This is a subject that most muslims find it so sensitive. I know aber I have to. 
Once at an airport in Belgium oder Italy, I was asked to take off my hijab for security checking.
I asked for a room und they gave me one without door. Right in front of the room stood guys waiting
for their family und friends. I was not allowed to fully pulled the curtain. I was so cross at the
huge security lady that I asked her to stand directly in front of me next to the curtain.
Alhamdulillah her body managed to cover me from the standing guys aber still,
I believe that she was a non muslim hence my aurat/aurah with her was kinda . . .
  • I am a wife und I do understand my obligations towards my husband. Not that much "work" really und I am grateful for that. What I need to do is just to make sure that I listen to him as long as it is not against syara' und with that, I hope it helps the both of us to enter Jannah. 
  • Well I do admit that there were times when I failed to do so. I felt so horrible und my heart was filled with remorse. Due to that, sometimes I do feel the stress on becoming a great wife to an adorable husband. 
  • Not that I am a perfectionist aber I do want things to be at its' place und because of that, I realize that my sentences are always filled with the word "sorry". 
  • I am neither Bree nor Lynette from the Desperate Housewives. I see myself as someone in between. Someone who constantly thinks what has she done for her husband und family. 
  • Have I done enough? 
We were given this manual tiny Savvy as our replacement car.
Our car was "sleeping" in the service centre for days due to
the need of part replacement und fixing here and there.
I tried to drive this car in the park in front of mama's
 aber I only managed to go up to 2nd gear. Hahahaha =D

  • I'm definitely not good enough. Like my mom said, I'm not yet into wearing socks. Well I did't see that my feet as one of the body parts that need to be covered. I heard somewhere that below ankle, it is no longer aurat/aurah. 
  • Ok my mistake for not checking the sources etc. Might heard that from other mazhab aber I failed to digest the arguments before I decided to practice it. 
  • Therefore starting from now on, this immediate second, oder tick, I will force myself to wear socks whenever I'm with non mahram. Not until I find the teaching of feet do not have to be covered, I will keep on trying my best to cover them. InshaAllah. 
  • Wanna join me, together trying to cover our feet? =)
  • To my friends who have been covering your aurat/aurah perfectly, bravo to you! Clap clap @-}----

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