M. Nasir

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

  • The second M.Nasir started to deliver the beautiful lyrics with such virtue and soul, I got goosebumps. The voice, the melody, the lyrics, the honesty, simply beyond words. We could sense that the humble M.Nasir was so determined to make sure that his words were in the form of advice and reminder to all of us that Allah s.w.t. is the almighty...

Danke schon babe,
I truly appreciate it when my husband understands what I love.
There was once when he was still in Brazil, he secretly purchased two tickets
for me und my mom to see a theater in Istana Budaya.

  • I admire poems since I was a kid. With the ability hitting organ keys, I then turned a few of my own lines into songs. I was once a composer, a young composer in my own world. 
  • When I listen to songs, I always listen to the lyrics carefully. When the lyrics are nicht gut, I turn off the music box. When the lyrics are amazing, I will listen to the song over and over again. That is why my song play list is very short.
  • When my younger brother and a few of my cousins talk about new songs, I feel like I don't belong in the clan. They listen to music every single day aber not me. I don't listen to the radio und I don't have an mp3 player. 
  • Aber I do believe that what ever I'm listening is always the best =) Hehe.
  • 2 days before the concert, Syahmi saw M.Nasir on t.v. promoting his concert with the MPO. He said, 
"Concert ini bukan untuk orang elite, tetapi untuk para peminat muzik."
  • Syahmi then informed me und I expressed to him that it would be nice if we can go. He immediately googled for tickets aber unfortunately everything was SOLD OUT. Be it on Friday oder Saturday, SOLD OUT. 
  • Well, we were quite unhappy aber not forlorn. A day before the concert, while I was busy preparing dinner after baking Almira's cookies, Syahmi called out for me and said, "There are two tickets left! And bibi look, the seats are in the middle (stall) and just lines away from the stage."
  • Syahmi immediately purchased the two tickets left und zoom, we headed to the Philharmonic Concert Hall in KLCC.
I only managed to capture this.
This photo was captured about 2 feet below my eye level.
This is all because of you pirates that we are not allowed to capture anything in this hall.
In the UK, Mayflower and Nuffield theater hall siap boleh makan ice cream during intermission kot.

  • Allah s.w.t. dah buka peluang untuk kami menghayati bait-bait nasihat yang phenomenal from the most fantastic muslim singer in Malaysia (to me, in the world. hehe.) Perfect. Alhamdulillah. Thank you.
  • The second M.Nasir started to deliver the beautiful lyrics with such virtue and soul, I got goosebumps. The voice, the melody, the lyrics, the honesty, simply beyond words. We could sense that the humble M.Nasir was so determined to make sure that his words were in the form of advice and reminder to all of us that Allah s.w.t. is the almighty. Aber he did it without having to mention the single word, Allah, in his songs oder jokes.
  • He started with asking us the audience on how good he looked wearing black suit with white shirt. We all know that that was not him. He is not the protocol type of person. Aber the second half he changed into a more relaxing man's tunic.
  • A few of his lines that I remember are,  
"Yang sudah berkahwin tu, pegang tangan suami isteri masing-masing."

"Harap lagu berikut dapat menginsafkan kita semua."
  • The way he presented und delivered his poems is truly amazing. He grabbed our soul together with him while performing. I got the chance to digest the Mustika lyrics in the most melodious way one can imagine. The whole orchestra band with Kevin Field as the conductor really did justice to that track. Absolutely phenomenal.
Bapak sent his regards, He asked you to see him at his office later when you are in K.K.
Haha. Bapak brangan.
I walked past him on my way to the car park.
Since there was a gap for me to slide in,
I quickly snapped this photo und the one below.

I did not ask for his permission to have his photos uploaded on my blog.
Aber I'm sure that he understands und doesn't mind.
For those of you who still do not know who M. Nasir is,
I proudly present to you the magnificent muslim artist.
  • I strongly believe that M. Nasir is really trying to channel Islamic stories in his songs. I love M. Nasir's work und determination aber there is no doubt that I love my husband the most after Allah s.w.t und Rasulullah s.a.w.
  • The following lines in colours are lyrics from a few of M. Nasir's songs. I reckon that you spend sometime to understand those lines.
My friends shared with me in the Lovely Life Community that
they do remind themselves this, "Love Being A Mother, Love Being A Mother."
Aber I told them that as for now, I can only tell myself this, "Love Being A Wife."
=) When things get a bit rough, it is better for us to keep quiet for a while.
Once everyone has cooled down, then only we have proper discussion.
InshaAllah that will help in keeping marriage life at peace.
Cahayamu bagai sabitah
Doaku kau sejahtera
Biar warna kubah-kubahmu kian pudar
Untukmu setanggi ini kubakar
Cahayamu sediakala
Aku rindukan zaman kebangkitan
Pabila nurani bersulamkan fikiran
Seganding dan bersatu
Lafaz niatku bertemu
Pohon salamku pada fakir-fakirmu Andalusia
Pohon izinkanlah aku menyelami irama asyikmu
Pohon ku dipinjamkan gabus dan ghazalmu jadi azimat
Supaya dapat aku tari menongkah arus
Apakah sudah kering lautan darah
Yang tertimbus di bumi alhambra
Ataupun masih bergelora menanti saat
Melimpah mengikut mata air
Antal hadi antal haqqu
Laisal hadi Ilaahu
My love in Andalucia.
He brought me to Andalucia during Easter 2010.
When M.Nasir nyanyi "Aku rindukan zaman kebangkitan...sahutlah Andalucia",
he reminded me of the memories I had in Andalucia, the memories of having
Islam in power for a bit in that land, the memories of having a cathedral turned into a mosque
then once again turned into a cathedral. If not us the Muslims to fight for Islam, then who else?

Hidup dan nasib roler koster
Susah dan senang bersilih ganti
Bila-bila boleh naik dan turun
Berapa dalam harus kugali tanah ini harus kugali
Untuk bertemu permata nilai sejati nilai sejati
Baru kupulang ke kampung sentosaku
Baru tercapai segala maksudku
Perahuku menghala ke hulu kuala jua kusua, jua kusua...
Kau lihat aku, aku pula lihat dia samakah kita ?
Ke sana ke sini lari-lari kecil
Bagai Siti Hajar mencari air
Terpancur sinar di kering pasir
Bekas hentakan kudus kaki Ismail
Mari mawarku raikan cinta
Tanpa cintaNya kita tiada
Mawar cinta mawarku abadi
Cinta pemilik segala Jadi
Hanya padaMu Kekasih
Aku tinggalkan
Jawapan yang belum ku temukan
Yang bakal aku nantikan
Bila malam menjemputku lena beradu
KepadaMu Kekasih
Aku serahkan
Jiwa dan raga
Jua segalanya
Apakah Kau akan menerima penyerahan ini
Apakah Kau akan menerimaku
Dalam keadaan begini

  • Oh Allah yaRabb, please forgive us. We pray for You to let us into your Jannah. Please send our Salam to Rasulullah s.a.w. Most of us are living in constant fear thus we pray for Your protection and please guide us to be great muslims as The Day is indeed very near.

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