See You In A Bit

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

  • Even though we know that we're not going to see that person in a bit, we can still use this line, "See you in a bit."
  • Und "Talk later" doesn't mean that we are suppose to talk to one another in the near future. =)
Hey you idiot. I tak boleh nafas lah you tutup hidung.
Payback time. Nenenene.
Shark kanan atas dah mula terbeliak mata nak makan Azeem.
Puan ni memang bangsa lihat saja. Takut nak pegang.

  • I have never watched the series called Oh My English! Aber here are a few things that I would like to highlight to all.
  1. Do not say "Congrate". That is absolutely wrong. It's either "Congratulations" or "Congrats".
  2. Do not say "That's mean we are over." when you're actually trying to say "That means we are over.".
  3. Do not say "wif" when you actually mean "with". 'th' doesn't sound like 'f' at all.
  4. And the word love is not pronounced as 'lerv' but 'lav' instead.
  5. And the word support is pronounced as 'sep-port' but not 'sap-port'.
  6. And the word cannot has no silent 'n'. It is 'can-not' but not 'kenot'.
  7. And thank you is pronounced as 'th-ank-u' but not 'teng-q'.
Almira Alhassan Alayoubi with her father.
Manja. Haritu Almira minta I dukung.
Siap buat muka nak nangis. I was carrying her brother with my left arm.
Then I had to carry her with my right pula.
Once I picked her up she immediately said with a huge smile:
"Aunty Ayla kuat kan. Macam abah."
Cheeky! Pandai bodek.

  • These are some of the typical mistakes that most Malaysians do. Maybe they thought that these mistakes are actually correct.
  • I am neither an English teacher nor a superb English student. Aber I'll help where I can =)
  • May these simple corrections help you in securing a job. 

  • Gambate! 

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