Summer Breeze

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

  • I may seem alright with my smile. Aber I am alright. I am indeed alright ;)
  • Alhamdulillah. 
Some Thai people prepared this fried rice with beansprouts und fried noodle with beansprouts.
The verdict: Not that gut.

  • My job does not require me to mingle with other people except virtually. Hence to get inspirations, I read. To be inspired, I read. To be motivated, I read. 
  • Aber I don't really read about business. Haha. 
  • As for The Sale, I just let it go with the flow. As long as no bad influence or bad guy interferes, inshaAllah The Sale will be alright. 
  • Und I leave the rest to Allah s.w.t. 
Back to basic. Saute cabbages with shrimps, omelet und sardine in tomato gravy. 

  • I miss our summer holiday. The last year when we were in Britain, my family and Reza's joined us to feel the summer breeze. 
  • Weeks before that, Syahmi took me to Malaga, Spain. Well, it was not yet summer aber approaching. Hehe. 
  • Back in the year 1997, mama took the three of us to Paris. Ma was that during my summer break? Well, I do remember occasions und events aber I don't really remember the dates. I came back to Highfield School after my trip to France with a braided hair. Cair classmates I yang boys. Hahaha. Oh even ada one Malay boy ni walked me to school y'all! =p
  • Now I have my hero who always volunteer to send me to my revision session und meetings even though I am able to drive on my own. Don't argue with me about my driving skills ok. I do drive when Syahmi is at work. Almost everyday. I even make sure that I give my two little munchkins living miles away frequent visits.

Seafood basket.

  • I love summer. I love spending summer holiday in Europe. Aber when the winter comes, it's a no no for me. 
  • We have summer all year round here in Malaysia. Do we? =D Aber I am unable to stroll down the beach in Malaysia without being 5 tones darker than before I reveal myself to the sun. Takut skin cancer. Balik rumah nanti orang tanya, "Eh kenapa makin gelap?". Malaysians und skin tone, can never be seperated.
  • Why do Malays selalu nak kulit putih? Putih tu lah yang paling cantik. Dekat UK, orang berebut-rebut nak kulit macam I tau. =) Like seriously. Ada yang pergi tanning sampai lebih pekat dari warna kulit I. Fuhh dahsyat. 
  • The Brits love summer. So that they don't have to waste money on tanning? Hehe. One of my neighbours in England did sun bathing in her backyard. She had this big yard to herself whereas I had to share mine with other 3/4 families. 
  • InshaAllah, one day, Syahmi und I will soon have our own huge yard.

Shrimp pizza prepared by bapak.
Instant noodle by Azeem Johan

  • Just reminiscing the beautiful memories I had during past summer. 
  • Looking forward to execute our next plan if Allah permits. 

Luscious strawberries. My most favorite berry is blueberry.
Of course the sweet ones =)

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