Birthday und 3rd Anniversary

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

No one is perfect. Yes, we all know that aber we refuse to understand when conflict arises. Instead of choosing to apprehend the condition und tackle it positively, we tend to let our ego controls us. At the end of the day, we will be filled with remorse und shame. It shouldn't be this way... it shouldn't be.

Even though my eye bags are getting bigger, I still feel young =p
Babe, let me be the Queen of all bidadari for you in Jannah.
I will ask them to cuci toilet, cuci rumah, cuci cars, cuci kasut etc.
I will always keep them busy.
I will ask all of them to stay away from you since you are all mine.
Muahahahaha =D

  • Alhamdulillah, I'm a year older und hope to be wiser than I am right now. Honestly, I still feel like a kid =)
  • I didn't expect anything on my birthday. Aber I received amazing surprises from my loved ones. Danke schon all und to bapak und aunt Lisa, danke fur coming to Oobang to have dinner with the both of us on our special day.
  • On the 13 August 2012, my father asked me what do I want for my birthday. That instant, deep down in my heart I screamed for more happiness. I was happy before he called aber I was so selfish, und I asked for more from Allah s.w.t. Aber I just replied him, "Nothing :)"
  • A second after I'd done praying Maghrib with Syahmi, I heard a familiar knock on my bedroom door. Immediately I said to Syahmi, "Eh macam Almira lah. Bunyi macam Almira punya knock."
  • A split second later Syahmi opened our bedroom door und there stood Kak Wati with Amir in her arms! Und behind her stood a little girl whom I really love, Almira. 
  • I was totally gobsmacked. I kissed the little ones like nobody's business und Almira kept saying to me, "Jom lah aunty Ayla turun bawah." 
  • As I walked towards the stairs, Kak Wati pointed to the guys' bedroom. There, stood with a smile carved on his face, my elder brother who secretly flew in from Dubai. Again I was utterly shocked. He said that he'll be home for Raya on the 15th aber he made it during my birthday. Holiow!
  • Allahu ya Rabb. Thank you very much for answering my prayers. Indeed, meeting my loved ones does bring happiness. Danke schon.
  • I then followed Almira downstairs und she led me to my birthday cake =)
  • Danke danke danke.
How can I not love her.
Her curly hair rules y'all!
Super cute =D

  • Und today, 15 August 2012, marked our third year of marriage. Alhamdulillah. As other married couples, we went through ups und downs together. Marriage life is not like a fairytale. It is an important obligation und if we don't have faith in Allah s.w.t., the Masjid we built will soon collapse.
  • Like I said before, doubt is a very dangerous verb. It creates unsafe feelings und insecurity. Whenever we are in doubt over our spouse's action oder character, we have two choices:
  1. Confront him/her if und only if we know that he/she is open to a healthy conversation oder discussion.
  2. If we realize that Syaitan is whispering doubt to our ears, then just keep it to ourselves, isthigfar und make Dua' to Allah s.w.t. for protection.
  • Lets together keep ourselves busy with activities that bring benefit to us und other people. I believe that if we have ample time und when we are alone, we tend to do things that cause us to feel regret for doing so.
  • A great husband does not have time to cheat on his wife. 
  • A great wife does not have time to belittle her husband. 
  • A great husband respects und loves his wife at all times. 
  • A great wife respects und loves her husband at all times. 
No special holiday for our 3rd anniversary, just yet.
We have been spending most of our time und money
to make sure that our little humble home welcomes
you lot (our guests und visitors) at all times.

  • If you ask me on how to have a healthy und positive relationship with your boyfriend/girlfriend, my answer would then be,  
"If the both of you have what it takes to nikah, then do it as soon as possible. If the both of you still don't realize what your relationship will lead you to, I reckon that you take separate ways as soon as possible. Und find someone who knows what life in this world is all about."
  • I've done a lot of mistakes in life und I don't want you lot to repeat the things I did. Hence I have the guts to say such things. 
  • =)
  • Life is not just about us. Life is about living for Allah s.w.t. und Islam. 
  • Live like we're going to die in a bit. 
  • Lets together treat others nicely. 
  • Lets not waste time hurting other people's feeling as we don't gain anything good from it. 
  • Lets together target for Jannah aber not to be the one who doesn't know what Jannah really is.

Uncle Wan leading a prayer at the Jeddah airport while waiting for the airplane.

  • Again, thank you all for the surprises und warm wishes =)
  • Jazakumullah Khayran.

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