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Assalamualaikum w.b.t.
My family is not huge, but it is indeed large. Having almost everyone at home during 1st Raya is something that I had been dreaming of. Alhamdulillah, once again, Allah s.w.t. answered my prayers. Syukur . . . Syukur.

I would like to dedicate this entry to Azeem who is currently in Melbourne und also to Cik Amal in America. I miss the both of you. Selamat Hari Raya Cik Amal und Azeem =)

My funny bapak posted this sign on his backyard grille during Raya.
Haha. Ajim und bapak sama je perangai =D
  • We don't fight oder argue when it comes to where should we spend our first Raya. Alhamdulillah Syahmi und I understand the situation that we are in und we are definitely trying our best to alternate between three sets of parents.
  • Aber there are times when one of them refuses to comprehend the situation we are in.
  • What to do ... we just smile =) 
  • We all know that it is difficult to have empathy for someone. Therefore there is no point to force someone else to be in our shoes yeah ;-)
The Subondo family.
Eh eh nope =) Aunt Lisa was the one capturing this moment.
Aunty nanti forward photo yang ada aunty sekali to Ayla thru email ok. Danke schon.
1st Raya in the city. Alhamdulillah almost everyone was around except for Azeem, Angah and Kakak (Uncle Wan's).
Oopss please excuse Almira's diaper. She couldn't sit still.
Selamat Hari Raya people!
Aunt Lisa with her grandchildren on 1st Syawal at Tok Mama's.
Again, please excuse Almira's diaper.
Know what, Almira literally took off her polka dot kain baju kurung in the car
while on the way to my uncle's home in K.L. =D
So dia beraya without kain but only baju kurung saja. Haha.

  • Bapak, the guy in green, made chicken curry y'all for Raya! Wallaweyh lai kosi. He teamed up with Aunt Lisa. Aunt prepared roti jala to be eaten with his curry. Nyum nyum. Oh und now bapak said that Aunt Lisa's fish head curry is the bomb. Droolin... =D
  • Alhamdulillah, all of us went to the Masjid in front of mama's to perform solat sunat Aidilfitri. Together with Uncle Wan's children. They came all the way from AS to Raya with their dad und at the same time visiting all of us. Syukur syukur. 
  • Allah s.w.t. loves those who put effort in making others happy und He will reward those who do good in so many ways. Kak Ayla will continue making Doa for all of you. InshaAllah. 
I believe that Uncle Wan was over the moon to have his children came down to spend the first Raya with him.
Just look at his face. He seldom smiles aber on the first Syawal, he didn't stop smiling =)
My always young looking husband with Afiq.

  • Almira Alhassan Alayoubi was totally confused at first. She couldn't understand why did we salam salam und wished each other "Selamat Hari Raya". She refused to salam und instead of mingle around, dia buat muka ketat. Haha. =D
  • Almira didn't fancy raya delicacies ie. rendang, nasi impit, ketupat, lemang, lodeh etc. Not like Amir Albanna, he literally swallowed almost everything that was given to him =D
  • Once we got into the car after visiting my aunt in Puchong, Almira whispered sort of like this to my ear:
    Aunty Ayla, nanti kita pergi McD ok. Iya nak chicken, rice and ball (chicken/fish ball). Semua ada dekat McD (trying to convince me that McD satisfies her appetite. haha)

  • Haha =D Indeed she was hungry! When I told her father, he said that she meant KFC aber not McD. At the end of the day, she got what she wanted. Almira loves rice und chicken. Just like her father =) 
The cheeky Almira in her pink Raya dress.
She requested for a pair of sonnenbrille (sunglasses) und a watch.
Zaman I dulu, kalau minta memang sah sah tak dapat.
Minta mainan masak-masak pun sampai nangis.
Cit porah. Haha.
Amir Albanna with his uncle Afiq =)
  • On the second day of Syawal, Syahmi und I went to his kampung. We visited a few houses aber I was so confused.
    "Ini atuk puny adik punya anak. Ini rumah nenek punya adik punya cucu yang tinggal. Ini sepupu ibu yang belah nenek punya anak punya jiran punya cucu...etc."
  • Haha =D Ok sengaja exaggerate. Aber honestly, I still can't remember all. Because we don't meet if it is not Raya. Well, Syahmi himself does not recognize everyone. Hahahahaha. 
See the greens in kampung.
This is my husband's clan. We went to visit a few other relatives without any of our parents.
Yours truly in her 4 year-old jubah. T_T

Hazmi macam nak pergi ganyang orang sebab tak puas hati beraya ;-)
In purple is my brother in law who likes to bake blueberry cheese tart. Cool eyh!
Husband's family meeting in one of their kampungs.
  •  I just realized that I didn't have my picture taken with my in laws...

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