Sleepless Nights

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

When there are so many things running in this processor of mine, I find it difficult to release myself into the la la land . . . even just for a short while.

Syahmi : "Eh bibi macam pakai kimono lah."
Akibatnya bila jarang-jarang lihat isterinya berjubah.
The beautiful Masjid Nabawi.
Jubah beli masa di UK. Di Madinah tak shopping pun.
Tak ada jiwa nak shopping =)

  • Killings are everywhere. Together with the current turmoil in Syria, Syahmi is focusing on the fate of the innocent Rohingya in Burma. How devastating it is. Ethnic cleansing? 
  • Manusia mana yang powerful sangat sampai boleh bunuh setiap orang dalam satu ethnic tu? Allah s.w.t. boleh buat dengan sekelip mata. Ingat kisah kaum Nabi Luth?
  • I did not see any news on the Rohingya while in Mekah aber I did watch a few about Syria. A footage of a Syrian being attacked was on aired in Tanah Haram. Fewh~
  • Lets not question on how cruel people can be. As long as there are people who do not understand und practice Islam as a whole, innocent people will surely die in the hands of inhuman und barbaric clan. 
  • Having said these, the things that have been running in my head are nothing compared to what the Rohingya, Syrians, Nigerians, Palestinians, etc. are having. 
Jabal Uhud. Tempat ramai tentera Islam mati syahid.
Peperangan Uhud muslims kalah kerana pasukan pemanah
yang ditugaskan oleh Rasulullah s.a.w. untuk jangan turun dari satu bukit
berhadapan Jabal Uhud tidak mendengar arahan.
Orang kata jangan turun tapi dia orang turun juga so musuh pusing dan serang
tentera Islam dari belakang. 

  • Sometimes I do moan when things get difficult for me aber sometimes I realize that moaning does not solve problems. How I wish I am able to stay positive at all times. Try harder Ayla!
  • This was what had happened to us on last Monday:
Syahmi und I wanted to go to Puchong to purchase two ceiling fans. We knew the shop so off we went cruising down the LDP. We were having an intensive discussion (about social problem if I'm not mistaken) when we realized that Syahmi had drove past Puchong und way higher closer to Putrajaya. A 15 minutes journey had became 30 minutes. None of us made any negative comments und we decided to have a minute of silence. Once we realized the situation, we decided to stop at a lighting shop by the highway. Indeed we got a better bargain (the best for us) from that shop compared to the one in Puchong (considering tol und fuel too). After done paying und packed all fans into the car boot, Syahmi said to me sort of like this with a huge smile, "Now I've realized the Hikmah."
Darul Tawhid Intercontinental Hotel betul-betul mengadap pintu 79
Masjidil Haram. Jaraknya pun hanya sekangkang kera.
Habis solat, I balik and tengok berderet Pak Pak Arab
berdiri buat saf depan cermin hotel masing-masing tengah solat berimamkan
Imam di Masjidil Haram. I tanya pekerja Indonesia di Mekah agak-agak berapa Saudi Riyal satu malam
di hotel tu, dia cakap beribu Riyal satu malam.
To those yang tidak boleh berjalan banyak and nak less dependent on others,
I suggest you kumpul lah duit banyak-banyak and stay lah di hotel ni atau
hotel di Clock Tower tu. Tapi rasanya hotel ni macam dah di reserve untuk orang Arab je.

  • There are reasons behind those sleepless nights you're having. They might be for a good cause und might not be. It is up for you to think things through. 
  • Aber lets together remember that, there are millions of unfortunate und innocent people facing extreme difficulties.
  • What we're having is nothing compared to theirs.
  • It is very childish of us to cry due to a tiny mosquito bite, don't you think?    

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